How Can I Install the Hornet Beta Version?

Please read the following advice on how to submit a proper bug report here

In order to see the latest features on Hornet, please download the latest beta version applicable to your platform:

  1. Get to know the Google beta testing guidelines
  2. Sign up for our beta builds via:
  3. Install the latest Hornet beta version
  4. Start testing and report your feedback to us

Please use this public TestFlight link to register for Beta Testers program. You’ll need to open it on your device.

or alternatively:

  1. Please email with the following content:
    • Subject:
      • Please add me to TestFlight on Hornet iOS
    • Body of email — please fill in the following form:
      • Username:
      • Preferred TestFlight email:
  2. You will then receive an invitation to TestFlight with further instructions.
  3. Start testing and report your feedback to us

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