How to Connect to Hornet in Indonesia

We have received many reports from our users in Indonesia that Hornet is blocked, or, does not work correctly. We suspect that some of the mobile network operators in Indonesia have blocked Hornet.

Some of the things you may notice is that you can see the Hornet app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, but it does not download, or it downloads very, very slowly. Other users have reported that they can download Hornet, but when they try to open the app, nothing happens or it crashes. Other users report that the Hornet app operates very slowly, even though they have a strong network connection and all other apps are working correctly.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is likely your mobile network operator has blocked Hornet. You have 3 options:

– Switch to a Cellular Network Operator that has not blocked Hornet. Ask your friends if Hornet works on their network. – Use WiFi to access Hornet. – Use a VPN to access Hornet.

Many Hornet users around the world use a VPN to access Hornet. This is because Hornet is blocked in their country, or they want the added privacy that a VPN gives when accessing anything online.

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It allows you to connect to the internet through an encrypted pathway. This means that it bypasses any country or network block on Hornet.

VPNs are widely available. There are VPNs designed to be used with a desktop/laptop connection and others that are designed for use on a cellphone or smart device. Some VPNs charge a fee to use their service and some VPNs are free of charge. The ones that charge a fee are normally better performing.

If you have never used a VPN before, it is very easy. There are many VPNs to choose from. Ask your friends for recommendations. Or, do some research on the internet. All of the VPNs will have an app to download onto your device. Their websites are set up to make it very easy to download and install the VPN. Many of the companies that charge a fee, do give a free trial of 1 day to 1 week. You can use the free trial to evaluate if it is working for you.

If you try a VPN and Hornet is still not working for you, then there could be another problem. Write to us at and one of our support staff will help you.

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