plastic chip HIV, 15 minute HIV diagnosis, HIV chip africa, HIV chip, $1 HIV test

$1 Plastic Chip Can Diagnose HIV in 15 Minutes

plastic chip HIV, 15 minute HIV diagnosis, HIV chip africa, HIV chip, $1 HIV test
Coming soon to a clinic near you (if you live in Africa)

What’s new in affordable HIV prevention and testing, you ask?

The “mChip”, a credit-card-sized piece of plastic that is produced using a plastic injection molding process, tests for multiple diseases with just one pinprick of blood. There are no moving parts, and the microfluidics-based chip can be analyzed with help from a cheap optical sensor.

According to results published this week in Nature Medicine, the chip detects 100% of cases when used to test HIV or syphilis and HIV together, with a 4% to 6% false positive rate. That’s similar to what is seen with standard lab tests in the developed world.

An mChip that diagnoses prostate cancer has already been approved for use in Europe. In the future, Columbia researcher Samuel K. Sia hopes to use the chip to test pregnant women in Rwanda for HIV and other STDs. Many of these women live too far away from labs to be diagnosed with traditional methods. “When you’re in these villages, you may have the drugs for many STDs, but you don’t know who to give treatments to, so the challenge really comes down to diagnostics,” Sia explained in a statement.

(via our IRL favorite magazine, Fast Company)

  • Anonymous

    And gay men still can’t give blood because…?

  • Julien Guévremont

    straight guys are scared of being gay-fied by receiving gay blood 😉

  • wow that is the most retarded comment i have EVER heard in my entire life!!!! U are super stupid if u think u can get gay from a gay mans blood. OBVIOUSLY ur scared cause ur in the closet yourself, JUST SAYIN!!

  • ROFL… he was being ironic… wow.

  • just… wow. has some one already pissed in your cornflakes today?  now… just to clear up the confusion that i am sure u feel, i wasn’t being literal, so telling me “ew thats gross,” or “i don’t eat cornflakes” does not answer the question…. i meant, has someone pissed u off in some way that makes u want to call someone retarded on the net for no reason? and what’s more julien’s answer was the most accurate that you can get. there is no ACTUAL reason we can not give blood, only smoke and mirrors and the continuing psychology of fear. 
    i personally don’t mind as i have a hyperbolic fear of needles anyway.  i wouldn’t even get tested before they started the swab testing. but as i live a nearly monastic lifestyle anyway….   off topic….