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3 in 10 Americans Believe Bible Is the Literal Word of God

A Gallup (i.e. top notch) poll taken between May 5 and 8 of this year found that three in ten Americans believe that the Bible is the literal word of God.

Damn the fact that there are countless translations offering contradictory interpretations, or the mountain of historical evidence which clearly shows that the Bible in its current form was more of a negotiating tool to unite disparate tribes – “We’ll join your crew if you drop the books written by women”, or “if you squeeze in a chapter by this dude who has cultural significance to our people, we’re totally in”, for example.

But hey, maybe it’s reaching to expect people who are willing to attribute a book to a divine quill to first, say google the subject material. (Not everyone had the the marks or poor financial foresight to attend an overpriced Jesuit university and take consecutive semesters of religious history, after all.)

But what about the fact that even within the Bible, there exist passages that complete contradict one another?

Deep breaths…

In any case, here’s the poll:

gallup poll bible is word of god, poll bible literal, americans word of god poll

For what it’s worth, a little education turns this belief right on it’s head.

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Lord have mercy.

(via Gallup)

  • Cc

    Well, the point of the bible isn’t for it to be taken literally, like a list of rules- when you’re a Christian, you’re meant to take the teachings as a baseline and your faith should develop from there through open and honest communication with God through prayer, experience and personal epiphany. Its just the starting point, not the ending- everything in the bible has to be interpreted by the individual.

  • Anonymous

    If you go back and look at the original Hebrew and Greek, you’ll find that the only place homosexuality is explicitly condemned is in the Leviticus purity laws, which Jesus and Paul both later recanted for Christians. So if you eat pork or wear clothing made of mixed fabrics, you can’t really use the Bible to condemn homosexuality.

  • Helena Handbasket

    So 25% of postgraduates are right.

  • “From Jesus to Christianity” by Dr. Michael White is a great book that discusses the evolution of the church and the Bible. Dig it.