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45% Of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage

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2011 is the tipping point!

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has released a buttload of new statistics and demographic information about the American people, as it does each year.

Among the findings, Americans are untrusting of the federal government, Americans have an unfavorable view of Congress, and over half of the country believes abortions should be made legal for all women no matter the circumstance.

The real meat of the study though is the fact that 45% of Americans now favor allowing gays and lesbians to legally marry, while 46% oppose the matter. While we’re still outnumbered (just barely), the swelling in our ranks is nothing short of momentous. Just last year only 42% approved of gay married, and in 2009 only 37% of the country supported us. In just two years, we’ve managed to convince 8% of the country that we are constitutionally guaranteed equality just as they are. That’s 24 million people!

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All of this means of course that this time next year, the majority of Americans will support marriage equality. Again, the majority of the country will support gays and lesbians right to legally wed. Don’t be dismayed when you hear anti-gay politicians speak out against us. 2011 is the tipping point in our great struggle. From here on out, we’ve won. The American people are with us in ever-growing numbers. Marriage equality is on the horizon.

Are you stoked to see these figures or what?

Via Pew

  • The most important finding was the fact that a majority of independents now support marriage equality, jumping to 51 percent.

  • I just can’t believe that support for marriage equality was ever a minoirty, but then again, I tend to be an idealist when it comes to politics. Oh well… At least this will make for great history when our children read about our struggle for equality and civil rights in their classrooms. Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony will all be American heroes.

  • Jim

    Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are not paste-eating morons – yet said morons still seem to have the steering wheel. Love ya UB, but I think the celebration is premature. 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is why it is important for us to start campaigning for politicians who support our rights. The time to get our supporters out to vote is drawing near. Make sure your friends and family, who support our way, of life are registered.

    Our movement needs a voice too. It’s completely scattered. We need a rally like the Jon Stewart/ Stephen Colbert Rally!!!!!