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You’ll Melt Over This 50-Year-Old With the Chiseled Body of a 20-Year-Old (Photos)

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Age ain’t nothing but a number.

In ChuanDo Tan’s case, this gorgeous Singaporean proves to us age indeed is just a number.

Devilishly handsome, this ex-model is also an accomplished photographer and part of the famed photography duo, Chuando&Frey, in Singapore.

chundo tan sexy man
Chunk&Frey Photography

Known for their high octane images, Chuando&Frey has worked for several high profile fashion magazines such as Muse, Numéro & Numéro Homme L’Officiel & L’Officiel Hommes, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. They also shot the album cover and images for Janet Jackson’s 10th studio album Discipline in 2008.

We are huge fans of Chuando&Frey’s work, but we’re equally in awe over ChuanDo’s stunning self-portraits on his Instagram. His dreamy eyes. The sexy smile. His insane physique. And ChuanDo is allegedly fifty years old. What? This hot stud is fifty years old? We’re blushing!

According to the website, Mothership, and researchers from another Chinese site, ChuanDo is fifty years old. If ChuanDo is, in fact, fifty years old, we applaud his discipline on taking great care of himself. In an interview with the photographers, ChuanDo shares his take on living a healthy life:

We believe health is very important and it opens us to all possibilities! Hence, we usually start our day by exercising before anything else, then after, we could be at the shoot, or having a meeting with a client etc.

It is refreshing to see a stunning guy like ChuanDo shattering stereotypes of the structural emasculation of Asian men in all forms of media. Fifty years old or not, he is in an excellent shape. ChuanDo further proves that you can look great at any age if you are determined and willing to put in the effort to live a healthy life. He is equally confident, and that is extra sexy in our book.

Here are more stunning pictures of ChuanDo:

The sexy smirk.

"Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Is That What Mirror In The Gym For ?" 🙊🙊 😂😂 🙈🙈

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He is bringing sexy back.


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We volunteer to be ChuanDo’s towel boy.

#Newyear #resolution "I'll be back!" 😂💪

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Buhha Buhha #BabyBuddha.

Please don’t be nice tonight, we beg of you.

Something is hard for sure.

"Don't Give Up Just Because Things Are Hard" #justdoit 😝 #GoodMorning 👍☀️

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The glasses, the facial hair, and smile. We DIE!

Safe journey and see u soon !!! 😜✌️😂🎈

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Is it us, or it is HOT in here?

Morning cardio ☑️😂

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No words!

Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR. Have a blessed Good Friday ❤️ – 25th Mar 16

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Can’t get enough of this dreamy hunk? You can check out ChuanDo and learn more about him on his personal Instagram.







  • aagold76 .

    he is handsome and young looking for his age- but I wouldn’t say 20 looking, more like 30.