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7-11 Is the New McDonald’s: Transgender Woman Beaten Unconscious At Store

transgender beating, gay-bashing, transphobia, chrissy lee polis, laquita, farkeemSurely you remember Chrissy Polis, the transgender woman who was savagely beaten in a seizure at a Baltimore McDonald’s. The McDonald’s employee who laughed and filmed her assault was fired from the company, and her two attackers have been charged with hate crimes.

You’d think that a story like this making national news would put a stop to violence against transgender women for some time.

You’d be wrong.

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NBC Washington reports:

At least four attackers ganged up and beat a transgender woman on Saturday.

Speaking exclusively to NBC4’s Julie Carey, the victim, who does not want to be identified, said she thought she’d die in the attack.

“The first time I feared for my life,” the 32-yearold victim said, “is when I actually got knocked out.”

The attack happened on Saturday afternoon, outside of a 7-Eleven in Fredericksburg [Virginia]. Four attackers backed the transgender woman against a wall and began to beat her, with fists, kicks, and a metal broom handle.

The victim said throughout the beating that her attackers shouted slurs mocking her transgender status. She said that before the attack, she had an argument with one of the attacker’s relatives about a dog.

The victim was saved by a neighbor who overheard the attackers, and pushed through the four attackers to lay her body over the victim, shielding her from harm.

Witnesses managed to identify the license plate number on the fleeing attackers, which has led to the arrests of 18-year-old Laquita Webb and 19-year-old Farkeem French. Two more attackers are still at large.

Our thoughts go out to both the victim, and the brave neighbor who saved this woman’s life.

  • Kelly Glover

    If you think that states passing laws and trying to pass constitutional amendments that legalize discrimination does not contribute to acts like this, think again. As long as people are given a message that those who may be different (whether race, sexual orientation, political persuasion) are fair game, this will only get worse. Time to stand up and speak up people! Discrimination leads to hate, hate leads to violence. Stop the cycle!

  • Max Vincent

    What the hell is wrong with young black women these days??? I do not think they are born with the propensity to harm, yet the recent attacks on transgender women have come at the hands of young, black women. Are they feeling threatened? What the hell is in their psyche to compel them to do this? I know I have a lot of questions, but we need answers…

  • Stephanie Weil

    The transgendered woman “dissed” these two squirrels.  So they felt they had to keep it real. Can’t have some random tranny get the better of you now, can you.  (/sarcasm)