A Brief History of the Terrible Injustices of Traditional Marriage

The oft-quoted “traditional marriage” is exactly the way life should be and the cornerstone of society and kids need a mom and a dad and blah, blah, oh my God, BLAH.

But what about the fact that traditional marriage is hardly the unwavering and universally defined construct that conservatives and religious zealots claim it to be?

What about the fact that the actual traditions in traditional marriage have at times included a husband owning his wife as property, legal marital rape, and the whole shebang only being an option for whites? Would those who fight against the right of LGBT Americans to wed their partners also still defend a husband’s right to rape his wife or seek to reinstitute a permission slip for when blacks seek to marry?

Today’s infographic is brief, but poignant and powerful.

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Just whose traditions really deserve to be considered “traditional”, anyway?

  • This graph embodies why the concept of “traditional marriage” as defined by conservatives are ridiculous. Now, only if they can see the fallacy of their arguments…

  • Anonymous

    it’s crazy how small of a blip in time this whole thing is, yet it seems to take forever for things to change in real time….

  • I feel that that last date “20??” should be “2???” with all those with money and power, i.e Targe*, BestBu* so on and so on…

    I would like to be more positive about the situation, but “OOOh things happen.” People in power will do anything to keep power and Under the table – payments(?). there wont be a utopia with those that do such things.

  • I disagree with your initial statement, if only because — eventually — those who are the most vehemently close-minded and homophobic will lose their respective power over societal mores, leaving a younger and less homophobic generation to run the show.

    It may take many years for the damage to be reversed, and many more to reach actual tolerance — never mind acceptance — but the day is coming.  It’s beyond the horizon yet, but with every heart and mind changed from bigotry/religious misinformation to tolerance/acceptance, the day draws closer.

  • C B

    I like your poster a lot! It’s well done!

  • excellent contribution Mr. Farrell.