A Detailed Look At Sex Injuries (Infographic)

Terror in your living room! Who would have guessed a sofa is a more dangerous sport for getting it on than a car? And who the hell are these people having sex on the toilet?

Today’s infographic tackles the most dangerous spots for sex, the most frequently injured body parts (What, no penis fractures?) while knocking boots, and a very questionable yet harrowing tale of a ball making it’s way from butt to face via someone’s throat. Wait, what???

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  • My cousin and his girlfriend were getting it on outside and he grabbed what he thought was lube – it was insect repellent.

  • I know a woman who let her head loll between the bed and the night-table during sex and ended up with a broken collarbone! That’s some rough love.

  • Chuck Sanders

    This was one of the best things I’ve seen in a very long time!!!!

  • Ashley Beattie

    A lot of these are from a very old edition of Cosmo.

  • RJ

    So basically, it’s dangerous to have sex wherever you go? lmao