A Flow Chart To Find Your Perfect Video Game

Back in the day, the only video game people had to choose from was Pong. But now there are literally bazillions of videos games to choose from. We used to have to wait each Christmas and summer for blockbuster console releases. But now each day, dozens of new free games come out on Steam. How do you choose without going bonkers?

Luckily, an online gambling den has released a flow chart that asks you questions about what you like in a video game to suggest your ideal game. Because video games are kinda like Chinese food — faced with so many choices, we often go with the same one almost every time. Now you can enjoy the buffet of games before you… it even asks if you dislike graphic violence or are on drugs — handy!






  • Mikesbug

    God bless Chaz! I was so happy to see him chosen to be on the show, even though I have never ever watched it. I just might start now! I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for Chaz and the years of heartbreak he has had to endure to get where he is now. I Think he is such a brave man, and what a wonderful role model for graceful tolerance and showing love for others! If more people out there were like Chaz, the world would most certainly be a better and more colorful and interesting place! =)

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