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Absolutely Priceless Photo of Students In First Sex-Ed Class

Chicago Tribune reporter Vicki Ortiz Healy had the distinct pleasure of attending the first sex education class for seventh grade students at Westview Hills Middle School in Willowbrook, Illinois this week.

Jackie Gill, of the Robert Crown Center for Health Education, was on hand to teach the students about puberty and sexual health. When Gill began showing pictures of a real uterus, photographer Chuck Berman snapped up this amazeballs moment. Behold the glory of a boy’s first look at a vagina.

sexual health, gay blog, puberty
"Oh hell no!"

Many, many thanks to the Chicago Tribune for capturing such a epic moment on film!

Via Chicago Breaking News

  • lol, i think hes one of ours

  • Kathleen Vernon

    So was it picture of a uterus or a vagina? They aren’t the same thing.

  • Ashley Valencia

    For most of these kids it will be the only time they ever see a vagina….

  • Matthew S

    Quite true, but then again, I had sex ed 😉

  • first and hopefully last

  • Shelby von Schmelz

    Oh god, I remember those times. I didnt talk to my guy friend for days after that class

  • Adrianna Draco

    lol :p

  • Raven

    Hahahha I remember sex ed in middle school. My teacher was 22 years old, fresh outta college and very good looking. All the girls had a crush on him and he would get too embarrassed to say the body parts in front of us little girls, so he’d say, “Does anyone know what this part is called? Anyone? Anyone?” Of course, me and my two friends were giggling in the back of the class, raising our hands and proudly calling out, “Testicles!! Clitoris!” Ahhhhhh, good times.