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Absolutely Shocking ‘What Happens If Gay Marriage Is Legalized’ Chart

gay blog, gay news, marriage equality, gay marriage, same-sexShocking, eh? Big thanks to UB reader Kirsten for the tip!

  • Aw man! I was looking forward to those tasty frogs.

  • I like how WW3 is on the key lengend. As one that things far into the near future, WW3 will be for the last remaining resoures – i.e fuel. Not to bust everyone’s balls or so, but it already has that nudge in that direction – unless someone with the intelligence to magically whip up bio-fuel (and an amazing amount for everyone to be happy) and will never sell out to those F-ing CEO (and Republicans) of the fuel industry then…. we are screwed and we enter another dark period. dont hate. but think about it.

    what is the correlation… power, fuel, power, fuel, power, fuel, power, fuel, power is fuel, fuel is power … hmmm..

  • Erin Williams

    Shocking! I wish I had had this visual for the debate on same-sex marriage I had to sit through in school today; it would have helped immensely.

  • Stacy Small

    Well here in Ct we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth,we even had a gay wedding in our front yard last year and it didn’t burst into flames

  • Anonymous

    CT in the house! So far, the sky hasn’t fallen, the locusts and frogs haven’t appeared……Businesses who support Gay Marriage are reaping benefits, Children of gay/lesbians families are happier……geez where’s the problem?