Adam Levine Gets Nekkid For Cosmo

The Maroon 5 frontman is stripping down in Australian Cosmopolitan (and on practically every gay blog in the world) this month to raise awareness for prostate cancer screenings. The shoot is very Janet Jackson, don’t you think? Not that we are complaining at all. Enjoy!

What do you think of Adam’s apples?

[media-credit name=”Cosmopolitian” align=”alignright” width=”750″]adam levine naked, cosmopolitan, maroon 5 naked[/media-credit]

  • Christina Peteraf

    I’m really not sure how taking nearly nude pictures raises awareness about prostate cancer screenings… but I’m into it.

  • I am so into it!

  • Nick Vivion

    I am so into it!

  • too busy droooling to type

  • Darren

    too busy droooling to type

  • mmmm

  • I wish I was those hands!!!

  • ShowMeGuy

    WOW.  Imagine how much hotter he would look without that weird bird tattoo across his chest.

  • m.

    This body makes up for all that bad music. 

  • Mark Morrow

    This looks more like advertisements for Testicular Cancer Awareness that Adam Levine is said to be promoting.

  • Lonny Parr

    Judging by that first pic, his examiner must have fell in and is trying to pull herself out by his ‘life line’.

  • OTRDriver

    Didn’t take much to cover him up… :-/

  • analogous


  • Lucky hands

  • They should have chosen a chick with bigger hands and not made him tuck.

  • Joey Lopez

    okay, not gonna lie: he’s absolutely gorgeous (minus the tattoos) and I like his voice and some of his songs, but he’s the biggest DOUCHE next to john mayer, seriously gagariffic personality.

  • Oh god xD

  • Is this guy gay or not? I thought I read that he was and now I hear he’s dating a woman? True anyone….

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