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After 2 Years, Belgium Couple To Reunite With Son

unicorn booty, gay news, gay family, gay blog
Reunited. And it feels so good!

Remember Peter and Laurent, the gay couple who had a son via a Ukrainian surrogate that Belgium would not allow them to bring into the country? We shared their heartbreaking story with you last month.

Their son Samuel was forced to live in a Ukrainian orphanage for two years, because Belgium outlaws surrogacy, and would not permit the parents to bring their own son into the country with them.

Thankfully, this family’s nightmare is poised to come to an end on Saturday. The Belgian government has relented under international criticism, and has issued a passport for baby Samuel. It took two years and $124,050 for this couple to be given legal access to their own child. LGBT rights around the globe need momentous advancement, and while it enrages us to hear that Belgium preferred leaving a baby in an orphanage for years rather than allow his gay parents to raise him, thankfully Peter, Laurent & Samuel’s story will be leading to a change in law in the country.

You can learn more about this family’s struggle in the video below. Press the CC button on the video toolbar for english captions.

Are you relieved to hear baby Samuel is heading home?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this uplifting news. As a parent, I can only imagine the agony these men went through while separated from their child, and am delighted that the nightmare is almost over. They will never look back on this time as a good thing, I know, but at least they can take some small comfort in the fact that they helped make change happen, for the better, and likely stopped this pain from happening to other families in the future. Best wishes to them all.

  • OMG its finally going to happen ^_^ The first time i saw this news on this couple i was heartbroken and now i feel like i can do anything even have a child.