Al Franken Catches Focus of the Family Leader in Lie To Senate

Senator Al Franken’s smackdown of Focus on the Family leader Tom Minnery before a Senate Judiciary Committee on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act is required viewing, as far we are concerned.

Senator Franken catches the homophobic Minnery in a lie about the well-being of children in homes with gay parents. Minnery and his group hatefully twisted a Department of Health and Human Services study to appear as proof that only heterosexual couples are able to provide children with the best possible environment.

The study actually came to a very different conclusion that actually favored the legalizing of same-sex marriage. Nuclear families, i.e. households headed by two married parents of any gender were found to provide the positive benefits in question.

Not only did Minnery lie to the Senate, he had the audacity to cite a study that actually supports same-sex marriage! You must, must, must watch as Franken takes him to task.

Thanks to fantastic moments like this one, DOMA is well on its way to being dunzo.


    “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and dog-gone-it. people like us” 


  • Anonymous

    Al Fraken was great! Although chica at the end never said “wife.” 

  • Hailey Stephenson

    Al Franken is my hero.

  • Anonymous

    Al Franken for president. Of everything.

  • Stephanie Twistedbitch

    I am anything but a fan of Al Franken, BUT HE DID GOOD HERE.

  • Anonymous

    A few more Al Franken types would be wonderful to have in the senate. we might have sane legislation, the stupid nonsense over the debt ceiling long ago settled and maybe end a few of our wars in the middle-east.

  • Anonymous

    I adore Al Franken.

  • Anonymous

    And the truth will set you free !!! Way to go Al.