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Alaska Thunderfuck Pens Honest Letter to the Next Winner of ‘Drag Race’

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This Friday, RuPaul picks a winner for season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We asked former winners to share with us their advice and tips for the next crowned queen.

Here’s what Alaska Thunderfuck, winner of All Stars season 2, had to share:

People often ask me who I think RuPaul will crown as America’s Next Drag Superstar this Friday night. My response is, “The Winner, of course.”

Whoever is chosen will win the crown, the scepter, a sickening supply of Anastasia of Beverly Hills cosmetics and of course, millions and millions of dollars. But there is more to being told, “You’re a winner, baby.”

I once watched a Ted Talk on an airplane where the expert discussed how success is as disorienting as failure. She had written a best selling book and by the looks of it everything was going swimmingly for her. However, her success forced her to face moments of extreme doubt, as she knew her next book could never live up to the success of her last one. Her feelings of, “What now?” were debilitating. She had to go back to square one, and get back to the things and people that were truly meaningful in order to find lasting happiness and peace- much in the same way she had to when she was a penniless writer with a flop on her hands.

I’ve lost RuPaul’s Drag Race and I’ve won RuPaul’s Drag Race– and I can tell you the feelings aren’t all that different.

So to whoever is crowned — and to whoever is not — I offer this: Remember the people who were there for you before you were a Ru Girl and keep them close. Remember why you started doing this crazy thing called drag, and remember that it’s nothing short of a miracle that we live in a world where we get to do this for a living. Be nice. Be on time. And always tip your barista.

Much love,


  • Taara Pantera

    I love this!

  • AJ2

    A good message for Sasha. So many of these queens these days forget what drag is about as Ru Paul has turned this into a mainstream money pit for some. Who would have thought that drag queens could be touring the world and making a million dollars. Remember that a few months ago you were lip syncing in a gay bar. You sh-t still smells. Don’t get all stuck up and rude like Valentina has been on her gigs. Eventually it catches up to you

  • Truer words could not be spoken, especially when it comes to how Valentina’s been acting. Like, whoa.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    Oh, and don’t forget, Alaska: “Act like a snake and bribe your way to the top”, that was helpful in your career trajectory as well.

  • Giselle Fauquet

    I really like Alaska; i liked her the first time i saw her “play” ukulele

  • Devilot

    Lmao still salty? get over it, even Katya did.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    Sorry you look at it as “salty”. I’m just stating facts, honey. You get over it.

  • TattooHero

    It’s the bribe her way comment. She never paid anyone anything. Her and Detox donated money to charity.

    If you really think Detox kept her because of the money comment, you weren’t paying attention to what was going on.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    And you are conveniently forgetting the most important detail, hon. Alaska broke the rules when she offered a genuine and serious bribe to two competitors. That bribe was clear: $10,000 through PayPal to NOT select Alaska for elimination. That was cheating and attempting to offer monetary compensation as an incentive to change the natural outcome of the competition. Clearly to all except those in need of remedial help (I.e. YOU) Alaska the Snake should have been canned as Willam was when she broke the rules. Period.

  • bodytech


  • Martin Winter

    1. The problem would only have been if Detox would have taken it but she just saw it as dumb comment. Cheating would have been if Detox took the bribe or her decision was based on this.
    2. Alaska just put out the offer which if she really meant it she would have insisted and begging which she didn’t so it was more a pure stupid comment that came out of frustration at herself then real intend – so was it seen by the producers that’s why they didn’t kicked her out of the show.

    So her reaction was childish but she stayed in the competition cause Detox and Katya left their strongest competitor in the competition and as Willam said “Detox was dumb – I would have kicked her that’s how you win the game”. They didn’t and the producers didn’t saw a rule violation so Alaska won fair and square.

  • Baddie Gui

    Stop it girl.All StarS is about LEGACY .What’s the legacy of Katya?The WebSerie call Uhhuuuu???or Tatiana who nobody remember until ALL STARS 2?oR ALYSSA EDWARD WHO CANNOT SAYS doo daaa doo daaa in one fucking tape? I love all the Queens but as PORCHOP said on Hey Queen ALASKA FROM S5 TO AS2 had complety changed in a true performer.The same way ALaska deserved the backlash ,she deserved the crown.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    LOL, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s about legacy. Tell you what it’s not about: CHEATING. So, we agree, it’s about legacy, and the Snake’s legacy is CHEATING to win. Don’t take my word for it, sweetie, Alaska herself will admit her street value has gone down considerably since AS2. She’s aware.

  • Martin Winter

    Ok I explained above nothing Alaska did was cheated. Not even the offer to Detox cause not even Alaska ment it seriously. Alaska has already recovered and turned what happened around. Her Instagram is growing as fast as before she has out music is booked on tv shows music videos “little mix – power” and has sold out concerts. She owns her mistakes and won fair the competition. So just relax. Tatianna and Katya are over it an are friends with Alaska.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    You relax you idiot. How dare you.

    No, dear, Alaska meant it seriously. She was distraught at her performance that challenge, she knew that Katya and Detox were going to win, and out of desperation AND IN TOTAL SERIOUSNESS she offered $ to throw the game by influencing those who were JUDGING. Remember the peers in AS2 were the judges, so Alaska was trying to bribe judges. But you think she was joking. You’re stupid. I bet you voted for Trump.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    I think it’s laughable that you think you know the whole story from the edit, fool. You don’t. It was not a joke, she repeated it several times and she was dead serious. Were you aware also that she was the source of leaks resulting in pretty much everyone knowing the outcome of AS2 before the first episode even ran? She gave a play by play to some trash she was dating and he put it out there in revenge when they broke up. So, here’s a recommendation for you, moron: get out of your stupid little bubble and learn that there is more to a story than an edit that some idiot living in his parent’s basement sees on LOGO. Capisc? Buh-BIEEEEE!

  • Martin Winter

    Sorry no – Detox told it in the reunion. It was childish when she did it. She didn’t repeat it. So and if it would have influenced it then Katya would have had Alaska’s lipstick which she didn’t why? Cause both thought Alaska was to good to be sent home just cause she felt once and didn’ t took her “bribe” in any form serious.

    There was no violation. So accept it is just pure fact that the producers didnt saw a violation I doesn’t matter if you do.
    Second why is Alaska one off the most loved qeens by the queens and described as lovely, honest and hardworking from all other queens. So you might be bitter and dont like her but you should also see it in context of what others talk about her that really know her.

  • Martin Winter

    First learn how to talk to people in an respectful manner. Insults never help to make an argument look viable.
    Second I am from Europa and as nearly 90% from Europa we wouldn’t have voted for Trump.

    Third Detox in the reunion said it she found it stupid when Alaska did it. There was not mention she insisted also you heard nothing else from the other queens also Katya. So nobody took it seriously and even Alaska sad it in an interview herself that it was more an act of desperation than really a serious bribe but it was then taken from the public as bribe. Also the ones that count (producers) didn’t saw it as bribe or as violation – doesn’t matter what you think -they didn’t.
    And it influenced them. No not at all event he opposite which was also explained by Detox and Katya both didn’t wanted to sent Alaska home cause she was to good till now. Willam Belli even made a comment about it how stupid Detox was not to sent Alaska home cause at this time she was the clear winner.
    So again get over it cause Tatianna and Katya are over it now and both are good friends of Alaska.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    First, you stupid ho, learn that I’m responding to your dismissing language in a similar tone.
    Second, I don’t give a rip where you are from, there are plenty of morons in “Europa” too.
    Thirdly, you don’t know what you’re talking about, honey. So seriously, STFU, I personally know the individuals involved and work with the individuals frequently.

  • Martin Winter

    If you interpret my argument as dismissing then sorry. Still no reason at all to insult me. You could explain it in a proper manner you should learn this will help you in your life.
    Second why I should even believe you slightest when I know from people that work in the show and gave interviews and talks about it that tell a different story. At the end still doesn’t matter she won fair and square get over it. Byeeee

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    No, you’re not sorry, ho. You keep on communicating in a dismissive fashion. How about this. You hold on to your beliefs from what you saw on a tv show in a different continent, and I’ll hold on to the facts as I saw them, ok? Now go away. You’re an annoying little piece of dog refuse. BIEEEEEE.

  • Alexa DuChampignon

    And you should slap your mother for acting like a failed abortion. Shut your flaps, you don’t know what you’re talking about, moron.