Gay blog: Alice and Mark (Photo from Today Show)

Alice Hoagland, Mother of Gay 9/11 Hero Mark Bingham, Speaks to ‘Today’

Alice Hoagland, mother of gay 9/11 hero Mark Bingham, speaks to Today’sMeredith Viera about her emotions surrounding the culmination of the 10-year manhunt for the mastermind of 9/11, Osama Bin Laden:

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  • Wow to watch this and walk away with “liberal bashing” as the message as Paul E did is bizarre.
    If you ever met Alice, you’d know differently. Watch for the upcoming film about Mark Bingham and his mom. “She raised a hero. He inspired her to become one.”

  • Paul E

    Could have done without her liberal-bashing (not sure it’s in your clip – saw it live on Today). Her son, though gay, was a staunch Republican. Doesn’t lessen his death or the tragedy, but I have trouble with anyone being gay or gay-supportive being in the GOP. Before you bash me, realize I’m speaking solely of their stance on gay issues – there are some things on which I agree with the GOP, but could never vote for a Republican as long as the gay hate is a plank in their party’s platform. Ever. So, sorry for you loss, Ms. Hoagland, and glad we got OBL, but forgive me if I can’t give this clip a thumbs up.

  • Richard

    She was on last night’s Rachel Maddow Show as well.