‘Alien: Covenant’ Will Feature a Gay Couple (Probably Getting Murdered by Aliens)

‘Alien: Covenant’ Will Feature a Gay Couple (Probably Getting Murdered by Aliens)

Filmmakers released a four-minute prologue to Alien: Covenant called “The Last Supper.” The cast includes a gay couple (who will probably be murdered by aliens). Progress!

The film is another installment of the chest-bursting Alien series. It focuses on the crew of a colony ship who discover a paradise that unfortunately has one or more aliens on it. Then, presumably, they get dismembered by space monsters.

It’s about time the Alien series got an openly LGBTQ character. The movies have a bit of a progressive streak, showcasing strong women and vilifying capitalism. And they’ve always had strong queer undertones too, what with all the phallic mouths and male pregnancy.

the yonic/phallic symbolism is not exactly subtle here

Will the adorably scruffy gay couple survive ‘til the end? Probably not. This is an Alien movie, where very bad things happen to people’s intestines. And usually there’s just one female survivor and maybe a cat (or occasionally a boyfriend and child but they’re just instantly killed off at the beginning of the sequel which is some serious bullshit). But no matter what happens, Alien: Covenant shows that it doesn’t matter whether you’re straight or gay: you will probably be eviscerated by an alien.

  • markdstump

    If a gay couple allows other’s to invest resources sending them to a far off colony (where breading is kind of important)…and they don’t become suspicious (that they were only ever meant to be alien hosts), well, maybe it’s best that they were chosen.

  • Mike Romana

    @markdstump : Or maybe the gay couple bought talent to the table that others didn’t? From what I know they are not just limited to excelling in hair dressing and interior decorating ( contrary to popular belief ), some actually run the one of the most innovative technology corporations and one may even be the police officer that protects your “doughy children”. ( Sorry you did say “breading” not “breeding” ).
    For the record, I’m straight ( let’s not talk about college LOL ) but you don’t have to “leave offspring” to contribute to the world. If you think that isn’t true, then stop listening to music and stop watching movies , get a Samsung and please get on the Covenant. Lucky for you, aliens don’t discriminate