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Anal Expert Grandma Warns Civil Union Lawmakers: Exit Only!

colorado civil union, senate, gay news, gay blog
"Exit-Only is the new black."

Rosina Kovar fancies herself something of an anal rockstar, if you will. How else can you explain the 76 year old grandmother sitting down before the Colorado State Senate to denounce the proposed civil union legislation armed with expert quips like, “Unlike the vagina nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance of the anus — it’s there for a reason. Keep out!”

Kovar goes so far as to quote Joseph Stalin, pillar of morality that he was, in her testimony, and draws imaginary links between teaching sex education to middle school students and…kicking a dog? I think?

The very best part is of course Kovar’s conclusion that one in four teens has a sexually transmitted disease because…of kindergartners being taught about gays? OK honestly, I have no clue what this woman is speaking about. I just like that she says “anus” so many times.

The “exit only” argument frankly is just ridiculous and I am always surprised to hear homophobes cite it as fact. What, are vaginas then entrance only? Do women not urinate, menstruate, and give birth from the same area of their bodies that penises, tampons, and those crazy Monostat eggs also enter? Do men and women alike not vomit from the same orifice that we ingest food?

I put contact lenses into my eyelids every morning, but aren’t our tear ducts also exit-only? Should I not be permitted to see clearly so that I can live in accordance with this fabricated exit-only moral doctrine? The very first time I received an STD test, the doctor pushed a cotton swab into my penis in order to test for bacteria. But the penis is exit-only! Should we not test and treat sexually transmitted diseases? Basically what I’m trying to say here is SHUT YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH, GRANDMA.

Let’s hear it for the anal expert grandmother, Rosina Kovar!

  • Don’t forget that straight couples also partake in anal sex. The physical part isn’t what is being argued, it’s social and legal rights at stake. So what’s her argument against lesbians?

  • Her assertion (teehee) that the sphincter is in place to keep things out is probably wrong. Evolution probably made it happen to actually keep stuff in there. Otherwise we’d have no control of our nether-regions and we’d be pooping everywhere like falcons, crows, and, likely at her age, Rosina Kovar.

  • Jarrett Lee Clark

    I completely disagree with whatever this nut job is saying, and I’m sure none of her arguments hold water. However, I would still like to see the entirety of those arguments. Not only does she not make sense, the video doesn’t. Please find some better content, Unicorn Booty.

  • so here’s my main question… what exactly does anal sex have to do with civil unions? she makes all kinds of arguments, most of them ludicrous, and not one of them actually has anything to do with a civil union.

  • Anonymous

    The biological purpose of the sphincter is to regulate bowel movements; in other words, it’s not to keep things out, but to keep things in =P

    Just because something has a built in function, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other things! We’re not robots, we’re dynamic and creative beings! Who is she to reduce sexuality to a mechanical assembly line?

    It is true that the tissue of the anus is thinner, less lubricated and in many ways less durable than the tissue of the vagina. However, no body system is perfect. For instance, it is extremely common for the vaginal opening to tear during childbirth, even though that is one of the main purposes of the vagina. The body is durable and adaptable to our needs – otherwise our species would have been extinct long ago by killing off all the women in childbirth.

    In other words – quit underestimating humanity, Granny!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a red herring, definitely. Make people all uncomfortable by talking about sex in hopes that they will forget the real issue at hand. Granny’s playing dirty.

  • Emily Phillips

    She’s also making the incorrect assumption that all gay men have anal sex.

  • Richard

    poor lady what are you so afraid of? It’s not yours or anyone else’s fault if kids are born gay they aren’t converted we are made this way! please check the relationship of Genetics and being gay. then take your fears prejudgements and misconceptions and seek the truth within your heart! Be Blessed!

  • …What? What’s happening in here? I’m so confused @_@

  • Dale Winters

    People are just stupid! Sometimes I just want to slap the beans out of them!