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Anderson’s RidicuList: 51-Year Old Actor Marries a 16-Year Old YouTuber

gay blog, gay news, gay cultureAnderson Cooper dives into a media controversy with conservative website Daily Caller, after sarcastically lambasting 51-year old Lost actor Doug Hutchinson’s marriage to 16-year old aspiring actress Courtney Stodden in Tuesday’s RidicuList.

Stodden married Hutchinson, who also happens to be her manager, in a Las Vegas ceremony. Her parents are supportive, calling her daughter a “good Christian girl” and their new son-in-law a “good Christian man.”

Anderson weighs in:

And for those looking to learn more about Courtney Stodden, look no further because we have collected the best of her YouTube videos right here. Beware, SHE IS RIDICULOUS!

Yet Stodden, who Gawker called “downmarket Ke$ha as she might look in a low-budget piranha movie,” is simply keeping it real.

[best around 2:11!!]

  • Ok Jerry Lee Lewis!

  • does she even have a high school diploma or G.E.D. yet?  if this were a gay couple, the christian community would be up in arms calling id pedophilia.  personally i dont care that they are married, it’s their business, but I just want the religious right to remember this the next time chris hansen has some twink/bimbo pose as a 17 year old and seduce some 20-something into a jail sentence with the lingering stigma of sex offender registration for the rest of his/her life…. c’est poop!

  • Ashley Valencia

    Well…that’s just gross on a number of levels. 

  • Ashley Valencia

    Oh and can someone do the world a favor and rip out her vocal chords? 

  • Liliana Joo


  • Spencer Bowden

    WOW! okay people like this peak in high school… I don’t know her or the reasons behind her marriage however money and fame would be my guess the fact that her parents are letting her is further evidence as to why some people shouldn’t have kids I am willing to bet the parents are getting something out of this union further more what does this say about her as a person? I mean who wants to be forever remembered by her classmates and now the world as “the girl who married that creepy old guy” This in my opinion is legal pedophilia I am sure her parents are so proud