Gay Blog: Qaddafi is Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Take on Unrest in the Middle East

Gay Blog: Qaddafi is Angry Birds!
Fail Bird!

We knew that the international coalition taking on Libya is actually fronted by the Angry Birds! There’s a video that’s attacking the viral charts right now, and it is one of those instant classics that take pop culture and current events and slams them together with a wicked show of sparks. It’s the Three Big Pigs!

Watch the video, and find out “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!”

  • who said video games are not educational? then again, who is going to read the text/dialog? reminds me of Front Line: Fuel of War. This game is set in the future where, yes, warring over the last remaining Fuel (must have diminished all negotiations with a Republican president?).