anti-gay couple banned from foster kids, gay blog, gay news

Anti-gay British Couple Banned From Being Foster Parents

anti-gay couple banned from foster kids, gay blog, gay news
Owen and Eunice Johns

Just yesterday we reported that the Illinois Department of Child Services and Attorney General have launched an investigation into religious groups violating the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Many Christian organizations receiving state funds for serving as foster care centers do not allow gay parents to adopt, and anti-gay foster parents are accused of forcing their anti-gay beliefs upon children in their care.

Christian groups in our country have a vocal history of at once practicing and defending their homophobia with religious pretenses. Which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that many of these groups receive federal and state government funding, thus eliminating their right to discriminate under any circumstances. We mentioned yesterday that we expected the Illinois case to be the first of many throughout the country.

Today the British have beat us to the punch. London’s Royal Courts of Justice  have ruled that Christians who disapprove of homosexuality may no longer serve as foster parents in the country. The case involved Eunice and Owen Johns (62, 65), a Derby couple who had been raising foster children since the 1990’s. A 2007 routine interview with child care services raised red flags when the couple let loose a torrent of “strong views” on homosexuality being sinful. Four years later, the couple’s religious defense for their intolerance has resulted in all anti-gay Christians being barred from raising wards of the state.

MSNBC reports:

Eunice Johns said Monday that she was “extremely distressed” by the decision, which Christian groups also condemned.

But the judges ruled that Britain was “a secular state, not a theocracy.”

The British are not playing around with discrimination any more. In recent weeks the Church of England was legally ordered to allow gays to marry in churches, and authorities ruled handing out anti-gay pamphlets was in violation of the country’s hate crime laws. Bigots, even Christian bigots who have been traditionally protected in their intolerance by their religion, are waking up to a new way of life – one where equality is the norm.

While these measures may seem dramatic, we can’t say we aren’t pleased with them. Those being targeted by England’s anti-discrimination laws need only stop practicing their homophobic ways in order to appear in the good graces of the courts and their fellow man. Requiring people to stop hating is hardly a lot to ask.


  • Anonymous

    I doubt anyone would fault a Nazi white couple from being denied the opportunity to be foster parents to children of Jewish or African heritage.

    And the problem with anti Gay foster parents is that any child given to them to care for – they could be GAY! Homosexuality isn’t an eye color, you only find out when the kid tells you, you discover their porn or you catch them in bed having sex with a same sex partner!

  • Anonymous

    So if this is true, then does that mean all the laws in Florida about gays NOT fostering and adopting children are ok? I mean if the Christian lifestyle is not conducive to fostering children, and we are going to tell people their lifestyles are not suitable, doesnt that then mean that if a judge feels a gay couples lifestyle is not conducive to fostering children that its ok. OR do we have rules about which kind of hate is ok? Its ok to hate on people for not agreeing with the gay lifestyle, BUT you cant hate on the gay lifestyle cuz that is just wrong??? HATE IS HATE. AND for some reason they gay news seems to be all about HATE.

  • Anonymous

    IN that case though shouldn’t their religious beliefs not be questioned or factored in? If we keep it separate, then religious beliefs should not be a factor. I just think we have a huge problem with rules not applying for everyone, because of either people saying its not fair to apply it to me, or some other silly reason. I know people who do not approve of the gay lifestyle, ASK me how many times a day they discus it? THEY DONT unless someone brings it up, its not like Christians go around talking about gays all the time.

  • Brian Keith Martin

    this is one of those “fence sitting” issues. while i don’t want anyone forcing their beliefs upon me, the opposite should also be held true. there is and should be a complete seperation of church and state. no government should force any religious entity to practice how the government chooses as long as those persons are of age of consent. but the opposite should be just as true. no religious organization should have any say in how the government governs it’s people or what laws should be enacted. that being said, any religious organization or entity that receives any form of government funding should be subject to the laws of the land.

  • Chris Marshall

    These people were very vocal in their bigotry against gay people. Being gay is not a lifestyle, it is a life that you are born with, and it cannot be changed. Gay foster parents are banned from being foster parents because of Christians imposing their dogma into law. If a foster family is anti-gay and verbally abuses children who are gay, is that fair? I think not. Wake up and get real!