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Anti-Gay Doctor Lies To Rhode Island Legislature About Gay Families

bigot, anti-gay, gay news, gay blog, rhode island

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse lied before the Rhode Island legislature about gay families in America, and then just to make sure everyone in the world knew she was perjuring herself, went ahead and recorded her testimony again in what appears to be her laundry room, before sharing it on YouTube. It’s always such a treat when religious bigots eviscerate their own credibility so that we don’t have to bother pointing out that they are nutso.

Our favorite part is her question, “Do you really want a world in which children may have three or four legal parents?” Um…haven’t we all been living in that world for forty years? I personally had a mother and father who both remarried, and provided me with a step-father and step-mother, both of which who served as additional legal guardians. The world didn’t explode. Come on doc. Get your facts straight before your get up on your pedestal.

“The only argument you have is so-called equality.” Riiiight. So-called. “You’ve taken a venerable American concept and twisted it all out of recognition. Equality used to mean limiting the power of the state to make irrelevant distinctions amongst citizens. In your hands, equality has become a battering ram for smashing every aspect of social life that has any hint of sexual differentiation.”

OK, a few things. When did equality ever mean limiting the power of the state? Where is homegirl finding this definition? Second graders have a better understand of the word than this woman. And second of all, you just made our point for us. How can social life with sexual differentiation provide equality for anyone? Differentiation is the exact thing we are fighting against here!

It’s at this point that I just have to stop watching because I’ve ripped all of the hair out of my head. Continue on if you dare.

Homegirl has obviously had too much of her own Kool-Aid to drink, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Her video leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth and one overwhelming question:

Couldn’t she have run a brush through that hair before recording herself for all the world to see?

  • Her outfit makes me cringe. That scarf looks like someone threw up a rainbow.

  • Why does this crazy woman keep assuming that we all want kids? The last time I checked, that desire was not a prerequisite for marriage.

  • Anonymous

    We (every gay person) should file suite against people like this lier. She “testified” to a governing body which is the same as in a court of law and we can prove it was a lie. The last time I looked that is called perjury and is a criminal offense. If they did not have her take an oath then “We” could all sue her for defamation and misrepresentation. If we all sued her and the other “Nut Bag” Margaret Gallagher, then we could shut them up for good and keep them from having the money to spread their lies. I think about 10,000 for each gay person in the USA would shut them up.

  • she needs a good reality check , a slap in the face and a good reaping to show she is a insecure moron!

  • Anonymous

    these zealot morons where in a corridor at the state house today chanting in tongues telling people which layer of dantes inferno they would burn and being generally obnoxious… so we staged a kiss in until the chanting from the religious made the capital police ask us to move for our safety hahaha Honestly the people like this who speak make the point for our side they are really just pathetic.

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    I had to stop watching at 1:46 because I couldn’t stand listening to her ridiculous rant any longer. REALLY Ms. Morse?!? I’m amazed you can continue to look at your unkempt self in the mirror let alone record your idiocy for permanent documentation. You must have picked some HUGE balls out pre-op for you to do this……….A word of advice……….double check your facts before you vomit them out lest you be made to re-eat those words (which you pretty much are going to). Oh and by the way you might want to make a better effort at making yourself look presentable. Using an entire compact of blush and eyeliner to cover up that dead looking complexion does not make you look faux human enough! Ringling Bros. called the clowns want you to return their makeup!

  • &d

    “Bed and breakfast owners have been sued for not allowing unmarried couples to rent a single room, …where they would have gladly rented them separate rooms, but that isn’t good enough for the thought police.”

    Exactly, it’s fair and reasonable to be charged double simply for being gay.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Wait, that’s a girl? I thought it was someone in drag who made bad wardrobe choices.

  • Buddy Englett

    The Gay community will be responsible for the next generation of fatherless children? Bwahahahaha!

  • Kelly González

    First of all, who gives a crap about biological parenthood. It means about as much as saying “all biological parents are good”. My parents are my parents because they loved me. If they hadn’t I would have gone out into the world and made my own family. Anybody can HAVE a child. Not everyone can raise one. I know from my own life that no matter what anyone says, family is what we make it.
    Second of all, her idea that redefining marriage means that we’ll ruin the mother-father biological assumption is so far gone. If we lived in a world where every person had only one mate and they got married and stayed married for life, her argument MIGHT SEEM less ridiculous. Lady, this is America. People have kids at 14 or have kids with ten different people, we divorce more than stay together, your argument is moot.

  • umm look here….im black and bi with a trans significant other. so i am most definitely NOT against gay equality. i know black people that think like that and they are just as disgusting as this…’lady.’

  • branni

    Sorry but I don’t want to get married but I think that marriage should be for everybody. Isn’t it all about love? Last I checked; marriage has nothing to do with children and raising them. We have single parents you know!

  • branni

    This lady is just another Westboro Baptist like idiot who is just trying to waste time with bullshit lies that don’t even make any sense to begin with.

  • branni

    I laughed at that too. I mean really? She’s such an idiot.

  • branni

    Let’s be honest here. She’s just mad that gay people look better than she does with her overdone blush, grandma looking clothes, and her frizzy nappy hair. She probably needs to get laid too; hence the reason she can’t speak worth a damn.