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Anti-Gay Newt Gingrich Gets Glitter-Bombed By Protestor

gay news, gay protest, gay activist, anti-gay
"Feel the rainbow!"

Newt Gingrich was on the receiving end of a Ke$ha-esque glitter bomb by a gay activist last night at a book signing put on by the Minnesota Family Council.

24-year-old Nick Espinosa invited Newt to “Feel the rainbow” and cut his anti-gay politics the F out.

Things got skeevy on the way out. Make sure you watch the video through to the end.

“So goes you, goes the rotting of our country.” You don’t say? How old-timey of you, creeper!

  • Newt Gingrich is almost as much of a laughing-stock as Donal Trump. But if the Republicans DO end up going off the deep end and nominating him for President, it will be very interesting to hear how he addresses Gay Americans in debates with Barack Obama.

    He claims he is for “traditional marriage.” I want to ask him how allowing law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits that Straight couples have always taken for granted will affect anyone’s “traditional marriage.”

    He says he supports the Defense of Marriage Act. I want to ask him how DOMA is possibly justifiable under the 14th Amendment and the “Full Faith & Credit” clause.

    He says childen need a mother and a father. I want to ask him if he will prohibit single people and unmarried couples from adopting children, and whether he will deny marriage licenses to couples who either can’t or have no desire to have children.

    He says marriage is “sacred.” I want to ask him when the United States became a theocracy … because it is not the purpose of government, nor of the Constitution, to make things “sacred.”

  • when that guy ask “do we come to your events…etc” i would have said yes absolutley, every chance you get ur kind always show up picking same sex marraiges, funerals of our fallen soldiers and so on, all in the name of God. I saw the neatest thing on line the other day. It said “How many gays is God going to make before pple see that he wants our kind here.” something like that anyway. I thought it was really cool. thanks for your time and that is just my thought on the matter. thanks, Troy 

  • Emily Nizhoni Hatfield

    Way to go! That was ALOT of glitter! haha : ) When that creep followed him out to the elevator to preach an appropriate response to “have we disturbed your events?” could have been “you’re working pretty hard to disturb my LIFE, actually.”

  • ShowMeGuy

    Sparkle; newtie, sparkle.

    Screw the republinazi. 

  • Jason Shreeve

     Hey maybe everyone should get behind secularism (religion and politics should be seperate) and make it a law least that would stop religious decsions being made by the poilticial powers hopefully it would make decisions more justified instead of “the bible says so, even though I misread it.”.

  • If you truly believe that God makes no mistakes, how in the WORLD can you justify being anti-gay anything? There is the same percentage of strait and gay animals in the animal kingdom. How do you explain that. God makes no mistakes according to the religious right, so being gay is a bad thing. As Lady Gaga says in “Born This Way,” “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track baby I was born this way.” Seriously, these people even listen to themselves, or their God for that matter? I’m going with NO, they are listening to their insanity. They should be locked up for hate crimes with some of the things they say. Or maybe just a padded room and ball gag would work. 🙂

  • 8811081

    However we say it, Mr. Gingrich is all about the
    money.  In a recent story, “Gingrich was
    ask to return the estimated $1.6 million he received for providing strategic
    advice to Freddie Mac, the quasi-government agency (an agency that has lost
    millions) that guarantees home mortgages. Gingrich has said he acted as a
    historian, not a lobbyist”.  A
    “historian”, is that the history of greed? 
    He may just sell you a book on it!