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Apple Finally Listens, Pulls Gay Cure App

After over 150,000 people signed Truth Wins Out’s petition on, Apple has pulled the ex-gay “cure app” from the Apple Store. Hurray Apple, for not letting this drag on any further!

Launched last month by Exodus International, a Christian group that believes in curing gays from same-sex desire, the app has garnered more than just signatures. Over 300 news articles were published on the subject, and the outcry spread deep into the mainstream. Confirming the app’s deletion, Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr told CNET that the app was removed because “it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.” Well, that’s comforting.

Truth Wins Out praised Apple for stepping up and doing what’s right. “Apple made a wise and responsible decision to dump an offensive app that demonized gay and lesbian people. The real winners today are LGBT youth who are safer and less at risk for receiving Exodus’ malice and misinformation,” said Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out.

On the flip side, Exodus International took to Twitter, claiming: “Apple Suppresses Diversity by Pulling iPhone Application.” While we’re not sure what kind of “diversity” they are really referring to, we do know that there is a fine line between diversity of opinion and claiming that gays can be cured of their same-sex attractions.

From Exodus International’s Press Release on Apple’s decision:

“Discrimination of thought and belief obstructs essential dialogue and authentic diversity,” said Chambers noting that Apple provides hundreds of apps specific to the GLBT community and has made the Gay Christian Network’s podcasts available on its iTunes store.“Ultimately, this issue comes down to what we, as a culture, believe about equality and the freedom to express our beliefs,” said Chambers. “It is our hope that Apple will reconsider its decision and allow our organization to be part of the ongoing conversation about the challenging issues many face today.”

It sounds like the group is already a part of the “ongoing conversation,” and that the “ongoing conversation” has determined that their app is harmful to a large group of people. So step off, and stop saying that gays can be cured!

We wonder, in the month that the app was up, how many people were affected by it. We sincerely hope that no tortured souls downloaded the app hoping to be cured, or led away from gay to hetero salvation. There is just so much potential harm from something like this…as there is no cure to homosexuality!

Geez, we were born this way. Didn’t you get the Gagamemo?

  • About time… Thank you Apple!!!!

  • Kit Foxley

    Since when does Apple need to be the app police, though? We know the app is messed up, we know people can’t become ex-gay any more than a left handed person can call themselves a righty if they just learn to write right-handed. If we all know it’s wrong, can’t we just acknowledge it in passing? Freedom of speech goes both ways, and as wrong as they are they still have a right to be wrong… I just feel bad for the people who felt the need to use the app.

  • Anonymous

    As far as the Apple App I called them and emailed also, I think corporations must be held accountable for festering hate.
    If Apple would have said no were leaving the app, I know I would never buy another Apple product.
    I like Apple because they are quirky and different and thats cool. If Apple wants to maintain there image, apps like that should be banned.

    I love Freedom of speech as much as the next person !

    However, people need to stop making blanket statements on “freedom of speech”
    There is a difference when I say “I believe in gay marriage”, or a religious person says, I don’t believe in gay marriage. Yes thats Healthy- “freedom of speech”.

    Think Fred Phelps, “god made Aids to rid the world of homo’s”- “Freedom of speech”
    To protest using gay slurs, at soldiers funereal. -“Freedom of speech”


    That Lovely religious nutcase girl on youtube talking about what happened in Japan as being the wrath of god.
    -“Freedom of speech”

    Those statements are where I would draw the line,
    !!!not because they are right or wrong!!! **** those statements are disrespectful to there fellow Human being****

    According to the ALCU they are worthy of defense in their hate mongering because “its Freedom of Speech”.

    -“Speak your mind in a way that is not derogatory.”

  • Piecacake

    well think about it this way… you are directing an art exibit. Will you let any one exibit what ever they want, when its your name that people look to in the end?

  • Spencer Bowden

    I agree with what kit is saying we as ADULTS can make those observations that oh those people are nuts and ignore the app and others like it however a child who is scared or confused about their same sex attraction and not really aware of the fact that it cant be changed or cured but may want to be rid of it before they come to grips with it isn’t able to make those adult decisions so I think in one way kit is right and in another kit isn’t that being said I agree with piecacake in the sense that it is up to apple to decide if it to wants to help spread that message and bottom line is they decided that they didn’t want to help that message… And the fact that a kid who has access to the app store as with what food they can eat what time they go to bed is decided and monitored by the parents I think to much of the parenting of children in this country is left up to businesses and company’s it used to be if you didn’t want your kids exposed to a certain thing you had to be a parent an keep an eye on them ya know watch them in other words be a parent instead parents don’t like seeing two men kiss on tv they scream to the tv stations that they need to remove it instead of saying hey I don’t want you watching that show or station or whatever… which is equally as damaging in its own way but still your being a parent