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Australian TV Host Ron Wilson Calls Gay Parade Disgusting On Air

gay pride, australia, gay news, gay blog
"We're just colorful, y'all!"

Host Ron Wilson and Mardi Gras Co-Chair Pete Urmson were discussing the Australian mega-event akin to an American National Gay Pride celebration on Australia’s Ten Network, and all was fine and dandy. That is, until Wilson broke out the haterade and poured himself a nice, big glass while on the air.

“Given that you’re really looking for an acceptance for an alternative lifestyle, if I can use that expression in the circumstance here [Editor: Um, no you can’t.] to get the rest of the community to accept it yet on the night there at Mardi Gras some of the spectacles you’re seeing, I’m assuming would even make you cringe. It becomes an exploitation almost of a sexual image rather than trying to explore the diversity of lifestyle.”

Eh. So far, Wilson comes across as slightly jerky, but maybe he’s just exercising antiquated journalism school techniques. We’re still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But when Urmson counters that the gay community is colorful, and is rudely interrupted, the shit hits the fan.

Wilson interjects, “With respect, there’s a difference between colorful and disgusting.” The beef goes down at the 2:25 mark.

Hold up! Oh no you didn’t! Australian human rights activist Gary Burns immediately filed a formal anti-, discrimination complaint against the television talking head, citing “Ron Wilson referring to homosexual people as ‘disgusting’ via a public act (in this case, television) breaches the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act. The Mardi Gras may not be everyone’s cup of tea but surely diversity on a night like this is acceptable.”

Amen. Get off the air if you can’t keep your bigoted prejudices to yourself. Jerk.

What do YOU think of Australia’s Mardi Gras celebration?

  • Ashley Valencia

    Aw the video is no longer available 🙁 Aw well, I hope he gets fired. What a douche-bag. I love the giant leap he made from colorful to disgusting. No in between just colorful-disgusting and boom goes the dynamite. Though I imagine this was a slip of the tongue rather than a purposeful rendering of a “disgusting” opinion.

  • It doesn’t sound to me like he’s saying that homosexuals are disgusting. He says, “It becomes an exploitation almost of a sexual image rather than trying to explore the diversity of lifestyle.” What he’s saying is true. If you’ve ever seen the Mardi Gras parade – or any gay PRIDE parade in a major city, you would know that it’s not just happy people marching down the street, holding hands, and waving rainbow flags. It’s topless women, men in their underwear, the atmosphere of not just sexuality, but pure SEX is almost overwhelming.

    I think this could be what Wilson was referring to – this overtly sexual display on public streets that is being televised into millions of homes and being watched by families and children. I think he could be coming more from a place of old-fashioned propriety, not from a place of bigotry. It’s possible that he (any many people) would think it was disgusting regardless of the person’s gender or sexuality.

    I know my parents would also consider it disgusting – for the display of promiscuity – the same way they think certain music videos or Grammy performances are disgusting.

    I’m willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. It sounds like he’s open to “the diversity of lifestyle” and that perhaps he just doesn’t understand the manner in which that diversity is chosen to be put on display.

  • Michael

    I am appalled at this. I highly doubt this reporter even knows the purpose of Mardi Gras. Historically speaking Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent. While it has turned into a celebration publicly displayed as promiscuous, its purpose is to indulge in the one thing that you plan to give up for Lent. Mardi Gras literally translates as Fat Tuesday. come on now… FAT Tuesday. It means indulging in something one last time. A day that consists of eating so much food and indulging to the point that you get the label “fat” is going to be considered disgusting. This is the whole point of Mardi Gras. The point is to go wild and get the sex, drugs, food, and sweets (especially if little kids participate) out of your system before giving it up entirely for 40 days and 40 nights.

    So i say that he should not have made that comment at all, because not only did his ignorance insult some people of the gay community, he also managed to insult a holiday that has its origins in honoring the sacrifice Christ made for mankind. A rather embarrassing fail if i say so myself.