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Author Says ‘Watching Glee Is Like Stepping In Puddle of HIV’

vanity fair, brett berk, fag, animal, gay news, gay blog
"Foam party fags" or "puddle of HIV"?

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has joined Victoria Jackson on the questionable things to say about Glee train this week with his bizarre tweets about the correlation between the musical television program and um…HIV.

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We don’t really understand the point he is trying to make, nor do we understand why anyone with any sort of public notoriety fails to understand the distinction between one’s personal and public circle. Crack bizarre HIV jokes about Glee if you must in your living room, but to broadcast them online to the whole world is just idiotic.

For the record, Ellis may or may not be gay himself, and is comfortable being thought of as LGBT. Still, much like the gay Vanity Fair  author who called Kurt and Blaine “fags”, your own homosexuality doesn’t make saying inflammatory nonsense in public a good idea.

Have you or a loved one contracted HIV from watching Glee?

  • He is OBVIOUSLY not a fan of Glee, is that too unbelievable? He’s also the AUTHOR of “AMERICAN PSYCHO” so I would expect him to express his dislikes in a creative but maybe very distasteful and insensitive way.

  • Wow, and just when you think that the true stupidity in Homosexual bashing media can’t Possibly top itself, I am once again, corrected. What an Idiot!!! If you can’t catch something like HIV from casual contact, duh, like seeing someone, then it would stand to reason- one would think that “coming down with the HIV’s”as if it were a cold, is IMPOSSIBLE!!!UUUHHHHGGGGG Stop the Moron Train I wanna Get Off NOW!! the Peanut Gallery

  • p.s. Get over it!

  • Kelly González

    This guy is a dick. Period. Why idiots like this have to associate anything gay with “catching” HIV is gross. After reading his stuff I feel like I suddenly came down with a case of the stupids. Thank God stupidity or HIV aren’t spread via electronic media.

  • Anonymous

    After reading Ellis’ “Glamorama,” one of the most homoerotic/ drug-soaked books imaginable, I’m surprised that he still has commentary left to talk about about HIV, sex, Zanex… I think it’s just for publicity.

  • How is this guy even relevant anymore? I mean if you have to tell me what book he wrote then he has already jumped the shark.

  • He forgot to use a dictionary…he meant to spell “hives”

  • D Lyn Johnson

    i think it is funny. Glee and GAGA -over it. That is what they gay community is amounting too? People discriminate because I not butch or masc gay or a flame on queen or a prissy sissy- While gays are out wanting to have a bigger “tool” or find they guy that most fits their type while sleeping around…. Is there not truth in a puddle of the hiv?

  • Andrew Christopher Burhoe

    oh get over it. The shows sucks is what he was saying and made a very hard opinion on it. I mean did you not read American Psycho? What makes you think he wouldn’t have said this?

  • Andrew Christopher Burhoe

    ever read a book?

  • IF there is a public statement which warents an apology it’s this guy’s. seriously what the hell? Its fine to say that Glee is gay because lets face it, it totally is, but the connection made here is automatically that gay = hiv. I’m way more offended at this statement than at Kolby Bryant’s heat of the moment statement. This D-bag had to actually consider what he was saying and write it out in a tweet. what the hell?

  • Yváin Bénazéraf

    After watching Chris Colfer singing “Le Jazz Hot” while dressed like Julie Andrews and paraded around the stage by half naked chorus boys, you’d be foolish NOT to get tested for HIV.