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Is Scam Artist Craig Jungwirth Selling Tickets to a Non-Existent Beach Bear Weekend AGAIN?

If you feel like you’ve read that headline, it’s because you’ve have. Well, something very similar. You may remember earlier this year we reported that Craig Jungwirth, an infamous anti-LGBT troll, was back at it trying to scam gay men by selling reservations to non-existent hotel rooms and events for Beach Bear Weekend. He also threatened to carry out an Orlando-style attack in Wilton Manors, too, and was later arrested.

Hornet Stories received an exclusive tip today from a person who received a message on Growlr promoting Beach Bear Weekend 2018. The message reads: “SHOUT: Craig says drag your sexy ass to the sand at, stud.”

At, there was an event listed on Event Bee, selling tickets for $99. The website had a picture of some burly bears on the beach with the dates March 26th to April 1st, 2018 listed.

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The person who tipped us off said they would were reporting the event to Event Bee. We’re guessing they did, as Event Bee took down the event.  Our source also informed us they would be reaching out to GoDaddy to try and revoke Jungwirth’s (or whoever is trying to sell tickets for Beach Bear Weekend 2018) ownership of the URL.

Jungwirth violated his parole in April of this year and was then arrested in June. He was released from custody in January after pleading no contest to two misdemeanor charges, and was given six months probation on each charge.

He was prohibited from contacting the owners of two Wilton Manors restaurants, including via social media. Jungwirth violated the terms of his probation by contacting Nick Berry, owner of one of the restaurants, and for failing to have a psychiatric evaluation.

“He contacted me through Facebook,” Berry said. “Jungwirth said in messages he was going to stage a community event in Wilton Manors and run for city mayor.”

That’s the last we heard from Jungwirth before today’s message — and there’s a good chance it could be someone posing as Jungwirth. Regardless, don’t let anybody sell you tickets to Beach Bear Weekend anytime soon.


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  • James Bradford

    The tie-in to EventBee is gone but the site now has a direct payment link to PayPal. It would take a real moron to pay $99 for an event that doesn’t literally any details listed except for dates.

  • ConcernedBear

    If you feel Craig is violating his probation…contact his probation officer at 954-765-5127. It will never stop until enough people report the situatution. He is not anti-LGBT…he is gay himself…just a disgruntled gay with lots of issues. Help Craig make sure he gets the help he needs. Report it to the right people.

  • James Bradford

    “Lots of issues”? He threatened to commit a mass murder. He needs in-patient psychiatric care at the very least.

  • James Bradford

    According to the Trademark database, Craig owns the Trademark on “BeachBear” and has since 2012. The trademark was registered on his behalf by someone named Robert Young with an address in Wilton Manors, FL. His last known address is listed in Orlando, Florida.

  • ConcernedBear

    Well you aren’t doing anything about complaining about it here except bitching. I provided you with a way to help. Chose to keep bitching or do something.