Beyonce Is a Lying Liar Full of Lies

Who run the world? Vlogger extraordinaire NinetinePercent offers up an unfortunately accurate commentary on the factual inaccuracies in Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls). It turns out that unless “run the world” is code for:

  • Making less income than mean for the same job.
  • Having domestic violence committed against you not banned in all states.
  • Being aborted in countries that allow parents to only have one child so that they can give having a son a shot.
  • And…hell, this is getting depressing…

…then no, girls do not in fact run the world. Although we’re sure it would be a much nicer place if they did. In any case. Watch this fantastic critique. NOW. And B, we still love you, girl!

Who run the world?

  • I think maybe people should start viewing the world the way the girl did in her video.. and stop pretending like girls have it all…

  • Ashley Valencia

    …Its a song meant to empower women but gee thanks for making us all depressed guys, just wonderful. 

  • Ashley Valencia

    Still, HUGE respect for NinetinePercent for this awesome video. 

  • Anieh Yohbadad

    As a member of the “us all,” I take issue with what you assert that everyone feels as a result of the amazing vlog posted above. I, for one, feel awesome that Beyonce’s trite, if well-intentioned, message is being taken down a notch.

    The truth is the truth, regardless of its ability to “depress” you. Furthermore, the “empowerment” of women through pop songs is a facade — fake, unreal, pretend, and, intentionally or not, a way to distract us from the ways in which we can gain true power (remember the Spice Girls? How much “empowerment” did women really gain through their songs?). Pointing out the the injustices that women face worldwide and working to stop them is far more important a goal than producing false girl-power through a song — or preventing you from personally feeling “depressed.” 

    I applaud both NinetinePercent and this blog for getting the word out despite naysayers who prefer sugary confections to reality.

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    All i can say is right on sista!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Williams

    How is it false? How can every song, everywhere address EVERY issue of women in this world ALL THE TIME? I’m a woman too and believe it or not, I am standing on BOTH sides of this argument. For one thing, it’s not a sugary fake facade as you call it. It may not be the perfect anthem of female empowerment, but it’s going to a place of positivity, even for a second. There’s nothing wrong with being upbeat and who’s to say she is or is not ignoring the issues at hand? My God! She’s talking about women as a force in the positive light–educating themselves, perpetuating life, being on their own. Who’s to say THESE women won’t help OTHER women in need. It cannot be done overnight and you don”t know what kind of effect the song will have on someone. This is no distraction. A woman has the power to better herself and help others in need without the help of a damn song.

    The truth is indeed the truth and it’s very ugly. To get better wages, we have to learn how to battle with these boys/men. In the cases of domestic violence, there are endless steps to be taken and no two situations are alike. It’s just a song, not some factoid set to music. Maybe this is her way of  responding to the men who THINK they run women like we are puppets or objects. Of COURSE it’s important to point out the injustice that hovers over our heads. No one is ignoring that.

    There ARE women who make more than their male counterparts and so many other examples for every one where a serious improvement are needed. And not a whitewashing, either. And she isn’t giving them a false sense of anything. You STILL have to work for everything in this world and TWICE as hard as a woman. Everything this woman is talking about in her video has a strong, VERY, EXTREMELY VALID point. But it’s still depressing.

  • Lexi Suarez

    Love this!  And not just because I really hate this song!

  • Ana M Boné

    I like most of the things ‘bitter girl in video’ said. She has a point whether B is a phenomenon or not.
    I’m not going to wrap myself up in all of the things that Beyonce didn’t say, could have said, or shouldn’t have said, I’m not obsessively trying to compete with B I’m just a woman who loves great performances, some great lines, some insane beats and change.
    not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent
    that survive it’s the one that is most adaptable to change.” That is B, that’s me, that’s millions of women and people all over the world who adapt in the sense that we exploit positivity, faith in a future we can’t see, fairness for all and so on. Adapt in a way that only makes it better for the next generation, may it be big or small.
    So while you look at Beyonce’s song like a cup half empty and sarcastically make some sense, I’m going to look at Beyonce’s song half full and I could only hope that it makes some other young woman out there dance in her living room with joy of all the things girls have already achieved, like me, or  have an immense amount of gratitude for Beyonce’s acknowledgement of “college grads”, “woman who work” (9-5 or similar), the women “strong enough to bare children, and get back to business” .. etc.
    “Disrespect us, no they won’t” (if we don’t let them, is what she meant).. and something we have progressed in and will continue to if WE STUCK TOGETHER and quit competing against each other am i right, oh bitter one?
    You’re right though, women don’t run the world as of yet, not the whole world at least but if someone like Beyonce and people like her fans could believe for a second that we have have P O S S I B I L I T Y, the chances become that much bigger. Now while you give us statistics about the past and present and pessimistic thoughts of yours, Im going to go listen to her song again and give my brain the nourishment it needs to believe that who could run the world? Hopefully, may it be GIRLS OR BOYS, it’ll be someone hell of a lot more positive then you! (;

  • “Lady Humans” 🙂 Very interesting and insightful video.

  • Anieh Yohbadad

    It’s false because we CLEARLY DO NOT run the world. Being “upbeat” is kind of disingenuous when you’re saying something that is factually incorrect. 

    Of course we don’t need a song to empower us, but I don’t think that promoting songs that LIE about the real status of women in the world is empowerment, either.

    Furthermore, I don’t feel the need to support every fellow woman’s work if I do not believe in its message. It was never my goal in life to “empower” all other women by unquestioningly supporting whatever messages they promote. Instead, I am a feminist who believes in calling out other women when I disagree with their messages, just as I call out men with whom I so disagree.

  • Ashley Valencia

    …I actually do have another comment (see below) where I do praise the vlogger for her video. My comment was meant to be taken in jest. You attacked a fellow feminist because you took issue with a half-hearted joke that was expressing my sadness that we still have so far to go just to be equal in a country that promotes equality and freedom. Also, where in my first comment did I ever give Beyonce or this video my “unquestioning support”? The song isn’t meant to inspire, empower, send any kind of message, or really do anything, except make money. Period.