bin laden photos

President Obama Decides Not to Release Gruesome Bin Laden Photos

The elite group of Navy SEALs that raided Osama bin Laden’s compound this past Sunday were wired up to transmit live video from the scene, and Obama watched with baited breath alongside his National Security team.

When they heard the call come down the radio – “Geronimo EKIA” – they knew that Osama Bin Laden, known internally as Geronimo, had been an Enemy Killed in Action.

The SEALs quickly swept the compound for vital intelligence – and also snapped photos of Bin Laden for proof.

There has been a raging international debate about releasing those pictures: sharing them gives closure and concrete proof to the millions of skeptics who think we did not kill him. But releasing them also gives fodder and fuel to the fire of vengeance: Osama was shot in the head, and the gruesome images will certainly not garner any new fans of the United States.


  • Trenton Flock

    It’s bizarre to me that some people are desperate to see these images. There are unanswered questions and points of debate regarding this operation, and it is important that we discuss these things rationally and coolly. Seeing Osama’s head in pieces neither helps nor proves anything. Images can easily be doctored, so if people do not already believe that Osama is in fact dead, an image will provide no adequate evidence. It may serve to satisfy bloodlust for a moment, but it is deluded to think that seeing more death will bring true solace. Whether you trust the government or not, there is little justification for the release of the photos, and it could certainly exacerbate conflict abroad. I agree with the White House on this one.

    (And not be a pedant, but it is “bated breath.”)