Bizarre Birth Control Methods Infographic

Pregnancy scare? This never would have happened had you been drinking beaver testicle tea like your grandmother told you to! Or was her trick to melt crocodile dung into your vagina? Today’s gay blog infographic got us looking so crazy right now.

Bizarre Birth Control

Anyone want a cola?


  • O_o  This makes me feel creepy.  Also, gives a new meaning to the term, “morning wood”.  And that’s not even the craziest thing on this list…  Something also tells me, the weirdest birth control methods have never been recorded.  (Darwin Awards for the ancients, perhaps??)  Kudos on the creepy pics, man!! Keep ’em coming!

  • Anonymous

    what was used as a dental dam back then I wonder

  • R

     interesting history about contraception. some back history on the oral methods and why the herbal oral contraceptives don’t exist anymore… at least in Europe. In the middle ages the catholic church disagreeing with the use of silphium among many other plants that had contraceptive and or miscarriage inducing properties. In response to the wide use of these methods the catholic church started culling the flora which in the end led to the extinction of the species in Europe. the only other region of the world to have similar species of these flora is South, East and Southeast Asia. following the imperial era and the extend spread of Christianity to previously unconnected areas these Christian values merged with that of most of the local population, took root and the use, knowledge and research into these plants slowed and ultimately fell into oblivion on the advent of the diaphragm, actual production of condoms (versus going to the butchers shop and picking up the intestines of sheep) and finally the birth control pill.

    {the more u know} 😛