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Born This Way: Streets Of New York

gay music, gay blog, new york city, nyc
See something you like?

Let YouTube star Steve Kardynal bust the doors down on your Tuesday morning with his stirring rendition of Lady Gaga’s latest. This the the best Born This Way video we’ve seen yet!

He doesn’t draw Madison Square Garden numbers, but that’s still one hell of a crowd.

You go boy.

  • OMG, that was great and greatly hilarious. I wish I was brave enough to do something this crazy!

  • Ashley Valencia

    I can’t decide which is more amusing: the people who dance with him or the people who run away from him. lol

  • Andrew London

    I wish i lived in new york so i could do stupid crazy shit like this!

  • Jonathan Long

    Only in NYC can someone get away with this… I would totally be one of the people dancing with him.

  • branni

    Can’t see the video :/