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Born This Way Video Premiere!

The Born This Way video premiere is upon us! Get to watching! How about those Unicorn Booty shout-outs?

Zombies! Alien vaginas! Horns! Mother monster space queen! We’re into it!

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s latest?

  • she was born that way , she is differant, gotta love her!!!!

  • That was absolutely insane, and I loved it!

  • I liked the whole concept of dancing and freedom. But the choreography was the same as the one at the grammy’s. and the hair was too. And the face thing. I don’t know. It just looked half-assed to me. But I did like it.

  • Lexi Suarez

    I gotta say I like it, it’s crazy and hot and out there. It’s fun.

  • That was amazing. Makes me love her even more! <3

  • Shari Denis

    Ughh Gaga!?!? I always try giving your catchy ass the benefit of the doubt but does anyone else see the disturbing symbolizm in her newest video??? Its so damn twisted!!!

  • David Tomlinson

    I like the symbolism of the Nazi pink triangle turned downwards at the beginning and then turned upright for gay pride by the end!