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Boy Removed From Class For Wearing High Heels

gay blog, gay news, boy in heels, riverview high school, justin timberlake, andy samberg
THESE boys in heels would maybe cause a disruption.

Edit: Savvy UB readers have pointed out that the Bay Area in question here is the Tampa Bay Area, and not San Francisco. I hear Riverview and automatically think Julie Cooper from The O.C., even though she was totally from Riverside. I’m an idiot. -KF

A Riverview High School student in California was sent to the principal’s office last week because his high heels were said to be disrupting the classroom. Principal Bob Heilmann asked the student to take off his heels to avoid name-calling and harassment, which he agreed to do.

Fair enough. So what’s the problem? Well, it seems like the principal and teachers were the only ones who had a problem with the student’s taste in fashionable footwear.

As a principal of a high school, I have to take the paternal side and make sure he’s going to be okay,” said Heilmann, afraid the boy would be bullied. “Anytime anyone goes out from, quote, ‘the norm’ or anytime anyone wants to make a statement, you have to be willing to take what comes with it.”

Riverview students we talked to believe most at the school are accepting of students expressing themselves however they want, and don’t care who wears high heels — even if they don’t like it.

This is the San Francisco Bay Area we’re talking about here. It’s literally the gayest region in the world. To say that folks let their freak flags fly is an understatement. High heels are hardly going to shock a bunch of high school students.

Sophomore Sarah Strawn says she was in class with the student when he was asked to step out of the room.

“I think it wasn’t really that big of a deal. If he wants to do it, then he can do it,” Strawn said.

“He likes the way they make him feel. They make him feel more confident, and he just likes to wear them,” said Riverview High School senior Hayley Stepp, who says she’s a friend of the student.

Stepp says he’s proud of who he is, but embarrassed now.

Principal Heilmann says any attire that’s a distraction is a problem, but the student guidebook doesn’t specify what types of shoes male and female students have to wear.

Some students really took the issue to heart, organizing a small protest.

“One boy wore a dress on Monday and after we chatted about it, he decided not to,” said Heilmann, saying that boy went and changed his clothes. “I was concerned about his safety.”

Heilmann says he thinks self expression is a wonderful thing, but he did what he felt was best for the student.

He says boys are allowed to wear heels at Riverview — unless students are paying attention to the shoes instead of class.

The student who wore the heels was not disciplined.

Granted, we weren’t there, but we are scratching our heads looking for the problem here. From the sounds of it, Principal Heilmann simply assumed that the student in heels would be harassed, even though that was not the case.

It sounds like the adults at Riverview High School need to give their students a bit more credit.

Do you think a boy in heels is a disruption in the classroom?

Via My Fox Tampa Bay

  • I thing that they can be a distraction. But i would rather the adults in charge educate the rest of the student body rather than (while not officially) punishing the student who chooses to express himself that way.
    I will however give the principal props for handling it with sensitivity.

  • its a place where sharks live in rivers… ill go with Florida.

  • I personally don’t think it’s a problem.. If he wants to wear heels let him, if his PARENTS let him out wearing them, then the school should have no right telling him he can’t wear them..
    As it stated it wasn’t in the handbook so why make a big deal out of it.
    I know guys who like heels and wear them almost on a daily basis. It’s not bad.
    Really I think people should just be more accepting of the guy’s choice to wear what he wants and express himself.
    And as it seemed most of the students who have seen him in the heels prior who haven’t teased or started anything with him, well it seems they are mature enough to just let it be.

  • Heck, here in L.A. we couldnt wear our pants too baggy back in 88-92 because it was inappropriate and then back in elementary, a kid went to school in a mohawk and his teacher sent him to the principal’s office and was sent home. Again, “distraction in class” was used as the excuse. Its so ridiculous.

  • The teacher is an idiot. I think that the boy should be proud of who he is. He should be allowed to wear high heeled shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see what the problem is. The principal was only looking out for his well being and safety. He was trying to PREVENT bullying, which has been all over the news (with all the suicides) lately. If the student decides he doesn’t care and puts the heels back on, then the principal should do nothing. But if he interferes again, then it should raise a red flag.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a distraction to the ones teaching the class, is more like it 😛

  • Anonymous

    He should be allowed to wear what he wants and be left alone.

    Think about girls wearing pants. A long time ago they had to be dresses, god forbid blue jeans on a girl in school in the 50’s.

    I think humans should be able to what ever the hell they want. Its not an educators responsibility to squander individualism even if they are worried. It says to the kid your not normal by making such a big deal. btw girls wearing what ever they want is cool, so how about for boys too…?

    It encourages acceptance because like girls wearing pants, it becomes the norm.

    The school seem homophobic, I know they say in the best interest, but come’ on, best interest of who?

    The other kids are distracted?

    !!!!!!! By this boys feet ?

    Why are these kids looking at the boys feet when their eyes should be on the chalk board or looking at their books?

    All youth / adults should be encouraged to dress in a way that they feel fits them.
    Individualism should be encouraged because it leads to a stronger sense of who one is, which can help one to feel better about them selves, thus reducing suicides.

    This is the United State where women don’t have to wear a head garb if they don’t want to, what kinda show are we putting on for the rest of the world? Can’t wear some dam high heels if your a boy.

    If I was that boy, I would wear them in school and when someone said something I would take my high heel shoe off and ask you wanna get stuck bitach ! hahhaha 😉

  • Anonymous

    If there was no bullying accounted for, then the teacher and the principal had no basis for their disciplinary action. The principal is not paid by the government to be a student’s “paternal” entity. He is also not paid to prevent bullying, only to stop it once it has happened, for we aren’t sure that it even would happen.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the fact that you support self expression, but I don’t think the principal was sensitive. He made the excuse that he was keeping the student from being bullied, but actually, he was stopping the boy from actually expressing himself.

  • J

    So is this san francisco or tampa bay guys?

  • Domonic Botto

    Just to let you know….the story happened in Riverview, FL….where I live! Hence, MyFOX TAMPA BAY! So it was not in San Franciso….The story is till upsetting and the Hillsborough County School District hates gays but I wanted to clarify!

  • marci clark

    Seems pretty stupid to me. I wore a LOT of shit in high school that got me picked on, but I did it because I wanted to and I knew the consequences of the ignorant masses. The kid wants to wear heels, who cares?!

    I’d rather they sent home the girls in whore shorts and too small miniskirts. Not only distracting, but disgusting!

  • Kevin F –

    Thanks for the “I’m an idiot,” retraction/clarification. It was charming, and very encouraging . . .

    Now, if you could do the same about the “Tennessee ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill” and “Rachel Maddow Asks Anderson Cooper to Come Out” stories, I’d be a very happy future reader – instead of “former” reader.

    I don’t mind my news being sold with a little sensationalist sizzle in the headlines (it’s worked well for “The Advocate” for decades), but I insist on “facts and the whole truth,” not some kind of FOX “fair and balanced” Alice in Wonderland alternate reality version of things.

  • Terrell Wallin

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I know that for spirit week a lot of my guy friends were dressed as women half the time and we thought it was pretty cool.

  • Scott Thompson

    They should have punished the bullies, not the kid. if there even WERE bullies. I think the -teacher- was disrupted.

  • Charles

    Never mind that heels used to be men’s attire. Louis XIV of France was famous for his high heels.

  • Anonymous

    If the boy is wearing heels and everyone is obsessed and/or distracted by his feet, that my friends is technically a foot fetish en masse.