boy wears dress to school, sam saurs, port orchard boy dress, boy suspended for wearing dress

Boy Suspended (For Remainder of School Year!) For Wearing Dress To School

boy wears dress to school, sam saurs, port orchard boy dress, boy suspended for wearing dress
Nice stems, Sam!

15-year-old Sam Saurs sounds like a pretty amazing guy to us. After hearing how difficult a time his mother was having wearing high heels, he decided to literally walk a day in her shoes to see if he could take it. At some point, he also put on one of her dresses…but hey, back to the shoes.

So how exactly did a mother-son challenge result in Sam being suspended from school for the remainder of the year and having his student privileges, including attending the 9th grade dance, stripped away?

During homeroom, Saurs was called in to dean John Richerson’s office. Richerson told him that he was distracting students and that he should go home for the day. Sours response? He told the dean he thought he was being sexist. Richerson then suspended Sours from school for the rest of the year.

Unable to attend the 9th-grade dance and the school’s annual trip to Wild Waves, Saurs is still disappointed in the school’s reaction.

Sources said that when the school board tried to contact principal Jay Villars to drop the suspension, he refused.

Kurt Wagner, Deputy Superintendent of South Kitsap School District, released a statement that said:

“When responding to issues regarding our students and their families, we always honor confidentiality. However, I can tell you that the matter you have inquired about has been resolved, and there is no further comment.”

After the story made national news, administrators at John Sedgwick Junior High in Port Orchard were shamed into reversing their decision to suspend Sam, but he remains banned from attending the school dance and field trip.

As Sam points out in the video above, he broke no rules, and the school handbook makes absolutely no mention of boys not wearing dresses. Normally, we would argue that Sam was simply trying to express his gender, but that is obviously not the case here. Instead, this story is simply about an empathetic son and a loving mother having a good bit of fun with one another.

Why John Sedgwick Junior High feels the need to punish a student for this is beyond us.

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  • For Shame. When I was in 9th grade, I saw kids wearing a lot stranger things than dresses on a regular basis. xD

  • Perhaps the teacher could have used this “humorous experiment” as a teachable moment.  Frankly, I don’t buy the “distraction” argument as a means to suspend a student for the rest of the year,  and then, to add injury to insult, strip him of his right to attend a dance and field trip.  As a mother of five, I have seen far too many behinds, tummies, and worse walking high school campuses without reprimand, warning or suspension. This was over-kill!  What a shame!

  • You know less than 75 years ago it was not excepted for females to wear pants. The only reason why it is now is because woman forced it and it is still not excepted in a lot of religions. There is no reason why males should not be allowed to wear dresses, skirts, and heels if they want to, except that they are considered “Womens Clothing” the same way that pants were considered “Mens Clothing”.

  • What is this world coming too… as far as we have come with Gay rights, and equality, they should be able to turn and look the other way instead of overreacting, and banning him from the School Dance. This is horrible! I GOT YOUR BACK BUDDY

  • i teach in college, which, granted, is a different school population.  still, i think the teacher could have used the boy’s dress as a different kind of learning experience and then gone on with the class. acknowledge the distraction, then ask sean why he was wearing the dress, and talk a few minutes about the history of clothes. maybe compliment the kid for his concern about his mom.  i think kicking the kid out makes its own kind of distraction anyway, so why not make it a positive and interesting distraction.  and banning the kid from other school activities is horrible. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish people could slow their roll and use these situations as a lesson to learn, a situation to understand, a chance to see a differing perspective.
    “Fuckyeah!” to Sam and a “Boo!  Really!” to the school.

  • Shawn Alfred Brock

    I hate to admit it, but the distracting students part is a valid reason for the initial request to go home.  I speak as a certified teacher, and the school needs to create a learning environment as free from distraction as possible.  The rest seems severe by comparison, though.

  • Jordan Glenn Embry

    I like this family! <3

  • Ashley Valencia

    A lot of boys now wear their jeans so low that you can see their boxer shorts. Frankly, I would prefer it if they all wore dresses. 

  • Matthew Fahey

    but on that basis why are students not required to wear jump suits to remove individuality even further and reduce us to a 1984 style totalitarian state where-in we all cease to be individuals entirely and any expression to the contrary gets you killed

  • Because some children and faculty members can’t let people be who they want to be? Kids should be allowed to express themselves however they wish within the confines of a dress code. I don’t care what race, age, orientation, or sex/gender you are, you are a human. You should do your part as a certified teacher and support your students’ rights to who they want to be. Speaking freshly out of high school myself, I disliked wishy-washy teachers and faculty members who tried to use the “distraction’ excuse.

  • Scott Thompson

    Really? I’ve seen WAYYY crazier things at my school than that kid in his generally modest dress. What about the girls in two inch long miniskirts? LOL believe me, they are WAYYY more “distracting” if you know what I mean. And then goth/emo/punk that whole genre of dresswear often has girls and boys alike in makeup, crazy colors or huge overwhelming black, almost costumish.

    At most, they could have told him not to wear it/made him change clothes, which they do on occasion when a skirt or whatever gets just a little too short for a girl at school, or if he really pissed the principal off, for the rest of the DAY, but not the year. I called a teacher a dick in class and I got one day’s suspension.

    He wears a dress, calls the principal sexist and he gets out for the year? That could mess up his whole future. I can’t imagine how hard it is to get a scholarship if that would have happened. And believe it or not, kids are able to learn regardless of how somebody is dressed in the class. We’re not old people with delicate sensibilities to offend. The teacher would be more distracted than anyone in that class.

  • Jason Vajgrt

    Douchenozzles. That is all.

  • im not trying to be mean, but schools should be cracking down on clothing in general. both men and women. are stronger and enforced dress code. if he wants to be wearing a dress in public, then, sure go ahead. but school is not a time of fashion design. it is distracting, for both. if a girl wears a skanky outfit, then it is distracting to the guys, even if they don’t admit to it.

  • William N. Cate III

    Sam Saurs is more of a man than that dean will ever be.

  • xrk9854


  • Jason Shreeve

    Hate to burst your bubble but didn’t you read what shawn was saying he said that making the boy go home was acceptable for the dress and calling the dean sexist in his office and shawn then goes on to say that the rest of the punishment was too severe in comparison (to maybe something similar eg. Skanky dressed girl, or someone flinging paper or boy with his underpants clearly visible).

  • Anonymous

    Great story and beautifully handled, UB. 

    Nicely done.  =)

  •  Yeah, because there’s no lesson to be taught by promoting empathy.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll agree. While this most probably was a distraction in the class, there was huge teaching moment here. From the courage of the boy himself to face whatever was to surely come his way that day, to ideas about diversity in our society and even, as has been mentioned, what historically has been acceptable fashion for men and women and how our perceptions have changed with the times. How many of the kids in that class know that our founding fathers wore wigs, make up and high heels? What a missed opportunity by the teacher and a sad lesson for the boy. 

  • Destiny Vigil

    He should convince a bunch of other guys to come to school all in dresses. What B.S! 

  • nikki prindle

    how nerdy is it that the thing i take from this is the fact that the Deputy Superintendent of the School District is named Kurt Wagner?

  • I am a guy, from Rural Kansas.  I wore dress to my junior prom.  I had long hair at the time, wore black lipstick, black eyeliner, my mother’s dress, and black fishnets.  My date, she wore a pin striped suit.  A lot of guys came up to me and said “you must have some balls to pull this off”.  I thought for sure that I would get ridiculed for it, but I was respected for going through with it.

  • Anonymous

    The REAL Kurt Wagner wouldn’t have had a single problem with this. 

    RIP Nightcrawler

  • Funny thing is, if you look at medieval clothing, men are wearing skirts!

  • In my head, I even pronounced the ‘W’ as a ‘V’.

  • You know what? I think girls wearing short skirts is more distracting as the teenage boys will try to get a peak at “what’s under”. If girls can wear skirts and not be considered a distraction, neither should boys! Think they need to sue the school for discrimination!

  • GenuineHeather

     I agree with you, and appreciate your post.  But…it’s “accepted”, not “excepted.”  Sorry for being the grammar police, but there’s a BIG difference in meaning, there…