Bryan Fischer: Gays Have 500-1000 Sex Partners In a Lifetime

Also, gays can’t be monogamous. Well, duh! What with the being busy bumping uglies with 1000 other guys, of course we can’t find the time for exclusivity. Hell, who can find the time for lunch, even.

Are you close to hitting your quota of 1000 yet?

  • That is such bullshit. 

  • Jacob Hubbell

    Another example of the right wing nut jobs obsession with the sex lives of teh gayz.

  • And even if it was true, so what? Fidelity was only invented because otherwise you couldn’t be sure who the father of the child was. Not like gays have that problem.

  • He is CLEARLY the expert on gay sex.

  • I really need to pick up the pace or I’m never going to fill my… er, “quota”.

  • oh probably, I stopped counting.

  • is he speaking from personal experience or what?  where is he getting his information, wilt chamberlain? honestly, if he kept his mind on legislation rather than on what gay people do with their bodies, things might be a little different.  

  • damn, I’m at 0. 

    Need to hurry up.

  • b*tch. stfu.

  • Rhys Christian

    BWAHAHA! I’m extremely gay and don’t even like sex.

  • Bravo Van Kilo

    I wish….

  • Tom

    DAMN IT!!  I better get busy then, I’m WAAAAAY behind!

  • Anonymous

    I know we are not supposed to wish violence against people,but the world truly would be alot better off if someone would just shoot the old prick and be done with it.They’d snivel and moan about it for awhile and then he’d be forgotten.

  • damn.. I’m behind.. I better get busy!!

  • I see he’s another graduate of the vaunted school of “Just Making Shit Up.”

  • annie hughes

    I think the straight Jersey Shore cast has slept with 1000 people. But yeah, I mean why would us “gays” want marriage for if we can taste the milk for free and not buy the cow?

  • ShowMeGuy

    If my sex life was HALF as busy as Mr. Fischer thinks it is….I would have to quit my job in order to make time for all that fun.
    Another right-wing-nut inflicted with diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Guess i better get started on getting to 500, much less 1000.How many times am i having sex every of day of any year.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Just three more and I’ll be there! Cross your fingers! -_-

  • CaptainAlice Poizon

    -too busy laughing to properly comment-

  • Adam Kuglin

    Were it true, it’d be a good case in favor of marriage equality, methinks. Then again, were it true, who’d wanna get married?

  • Wil C

    As a gay man, I have NEVER had sex with a cow!

  • Ashlei Kennybrew

    500-1000??? sheesh im a lesbian…so I guess i need to catch up, bc im no where near those numbers…shoot!!! im not even in the double digits yet & im 20 yrs old… most of the straight chicks my age have been around, caught a few diseases , & gotten prego…smh!

  • Garrett MacTavish

    If the republican congress could ever tell the truth, I’m sure many of them have surpassed the 500 to 1000 partners as well. But honestly…Is that a lot of partners?

  • Maяk Яichдяd Mдиlєy

    Wow and like ive had like two people in 36 years

  • Ashlei Kennybrew


  • OMG, Who is this FREAK??? The statistics of same sex relationships actually show a much higher monogamy quotient than the so called “regular” couples. If this person had done any homework at all on the subject matter of which he was speaking he could not have said that, and he is simply trying, as most HOMOPHOBES do, to make what he does not understand and therefor fears seem Evil. People like this should not only not be taken seriously, but be pitied for there simple and inexcusably narrow view. The Nutz!

  • RJ

    Shit…I’m only in the single digits. I gotta lot of work to do. Maybe I’m straight, don’t know it, and that’s why it’s taking all this time???

  • Wow, and I thought people were bad if they even grazed against triple-digits within their lifetime.

    But seriously, 500-1000?  I’ve got lots of work to do.  Anyone else way behind wanna help me catch up?  😛

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bachmann’s husband is so deep in the closet he’s made friends with the dustbunnies!

  • Right there with you, my friends call me the slut even though they are the ones getting preggo and I’ve only with one.

    Hmm anyone in MI area want to help me reach my quota??

  • Sara Simpkins

    A better statistic would be “Conservatives Have Between 5-10 Homosexual Partners In A Lifetime,” I am just waiting for Bachmann’s husband to get caught. That would make my life!

  • G. Scott Brown

    Most of my sex life was in the arms of married men who could only get away for brief periods-say once of twice a week, and the 15-minutes workout was enough to last until the next session. In between, I got and gave oral sex to complete the cycle!

  • American Scorpio

    He’s obviously conducting his own research, interviewing each of his conquests to see how many each of THEM Has boinked in their lifetime. BUT MIND YOU, ITS ALL IN THE INTEREST OF RESEARCH…AND NOTHING MORE.

  • John Wetzel

    I think the man is a total idiot. These people make up so much shit just to make them seem important so they can get in office. I am sure he is in the bathroom stall tapping his foot like the rest looking for head or to give head. It’s the ones like this that we have to be careful of. The ones that lie and go home to their wife and are in the bathrooms sucking dick. I know gay couples that have more love in their relationship than a lot of the so called regular ones out there. Why is it when something sexual happens, it is always blamed on the gay people. A child was molested, blame on the gays when statistic shows that child molesters are republican straight men. That in it’s self should tell you something. I am 44 and I cant still count the men that I have been to bed with on my 2 hands. It is an election year and all the idiots are coming out of the wood work looking for a job in congress so they can fly around to other countries, go to fine dinners and lunches, spend money on high dollar clothing, get tons of money from large corporations for a large tax break and then sit on their ass an lie about all the good they are doing. When we all know they are texting and tweeting, and emailing nude pics and sex talk and if they are not doing that then they are in the bathroom tapping that foot looking for something that they can’t tell their wife they did at the office that day. I am so tired of all the crap that goes on in congress and Washington and still nothing gets done. We are in debt up to our ears and still no relief in site. I thin it is time to take the tax breaks away from the big companies that are keeping this idiots in office and make them pay the same way that the rest of us have to pay. If they can’t do that then the rest of us should elect tax exempt at work so they don’t take taxes out and then lets see where the government is standing at the end of that. Assholes like this might change his mind when the tax dollars are not coming in. He is just hollering to cover up his own lies and sexual escapades. Through his lying ass to the curb where the rest of the shit lays.It is so sad that we have an American in office that can not stand Americans. 

  • Angela Stanczak

    Orgy every night? Now, this guy just makes being gay sound fun.

  • Staci Hanover

    I say if the man wants to make a good debate, then his information needs to realistic, Im 21 and have been with the same women for 4 years, thats longer than some straight people stay married. The people like Bryan Fischer know we are winning the fight, they are just grabbing lose straws now. Oh and no…lmao I have not had sex with 500-1000 people.

  • Steve Cardinal

    I’ve been with one person. Bring on the next “reason homosexuality might be wrong”