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BTW Karaoke: You Have To Hear It To Believe It

It’s Friday, Friday…and we’re looking forward to the weekend. (Re: Not taking our jobs seriously.) Please accept this amazing sonic gem as a token of our undying love for your, dear readers.

Now be nice with your replies. Tell us what you like most about this rousing rendition of Lady Gaga’s latest anthem?

  • Xtina


  • What the hell? haha

  • Please try singing in your range.

  • D: What horrible nether realm have I just stumbled into?

  • the thing that sucked was that my volume was full blast when it started…. now I have a head ache and I think one of my ears is bleeding… BAD UB you should of had a warning label up!!! LOL 😛

  • Anonymous

    nope… cant do it…

  • there the next american idol!

  • Keith McCrary

    *cant respond as his ears are bleeding from the opening alone*

  • Jeffrey Tolin

    Wow….im not even 47 seconds into the video and already Dance Dance Revolution is becoming more appealing to me!

  • Rebecca Smith (Babcock)

    I love that this person took the time to lay a couple of tracks of themselves down on this thing… I can’t stop giggling and flinching in pain during the entirety of this …. thing. >.>

  • I can’t live in a world where things like this exist.

  • Anonymous

    Its very ,well its nice they tried…..That was by far one of the most ________; ) _________ I have ever herd.

  • Okay… I can give an “E” for effort, but I think my ears are bleeding.