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Budweiser Takes On DADT

gay blog, gay news, gay beer, dadt, proudly serving those who serve, gay soldier
Welcome home-o!

Welcome home, indeed! It’s not Viagra-infused boner beer, but Budweiser is still racking up points with the LGBT community today with their subtle take on DADT.

The embrace, the nerves, the throwaway line about proudly serving those who serve – Are they or aren’t they? Does it even matter?

Take a gander and tell us what you think of Budweiser’s latest commercial.


  • ???? DADT he just came home from serving his country and does not look gay either

  • The guy is his friend and the girl he hugs is his girlfriend. I think they put the emphasis on the guy because “bros before ho’s” and all that shit, rather than them being gay. I really don’t see Budweiser, famous for their very sexist and shallow commercials, doing anything for the GLBT community in a big, public way.

  • While I don’t see a tangible connection between this commercial and DADT, Its nice to see any commercial, especially a bear commercial, that isnt laden with sexism, heterosexism, mandatory masculinity, etc.

    Credit where credit is due, but that doesnt mean we should all miraculously become fans of Budweiser though – after all, we must remember the reason this commercial sticks out to any of us.

  • Anonymous

    Do you not get a sense-driven response when you see a guy whom you suspect is gay? I think it’s ludicrous to demean people for their innate sense of gaydar.

  • ian wilson

    What makes that have anything to do with DADT?

  • Keith McCrary

    I think you’re taking a stretch at that being about DADT, but folks tend to put their own views into things they see.

  • Brad Hines

    I didn’t see a gratuitous Man-on-Man I kissed you smootch. I don’t thik this was intended as a GLBT ad.

  • Matthew Fahey

    and what exactly does a gay service member look like Jeff

  • Domonic Botto

    Well we all know they wear pink camo and glitter boots duh….. just kidding…

  • I would love for this to be DADT but i just cant see it. I’m of the thought that the guy is either best friend from childhood or brother.

  • I would say they at least have crafted a message and ad that is inclusive, rather than exclusive. Whether or not it was intentional, whenever a community of people can identify with certain images and words, it’s good, and this doesn’t spell out “girlfriend” “boyfriend” “LGBT” “heterosexual” “conservative” or “republican”. It’s just wonderfully neutral, and includes all of those things without indicating one over the other.

  • Jockdrop

    We like it.

  • I have seen this commercial many times… I never once thought it had to do with anything gay related. I assumed those 2 were brothers or friends, nothing more. Nice commercial, but I dont see any correlation to DADT

  • Why is the girl he hugs his girlfriend? She could be his friend/sister for all anyone knows.

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    i’m pretty sure it’s suppose to be brothers, looks like a family and friends thing. heteros can hug guys….

  • Anonymous

    Your an idiot, its obvious it was his bf. The girl was his sister silly person!.