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Bullied 14-Year-Old Girls’ Double Suicide Pact

gay blog, gay news, bullying, suicide pact, double suicide, marshall middle school, minnesota
Paige Moravetz and Haylee Fentress

Two Minnesota middle school students are dead, and the evidence suggests bullying led to their deaths. Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz, both 14, hung themselves together at a slumber parter at Fentress’ home last weekend. The “inseparable” pair were discovered dead by Fentress’ mother.

Their families believe the two may have been more than simply friends. Fentress’ name on her Facebook page had been hyphenated to include Moravetz’s last name as well. The two were also recently expelled from school after Fentress defended Moravetz in a fight.

Fentress’ cousin, Patrick Martin told the Today Show, “The way she expressed her affection for Paige – they were sort of one in the same. I think Haylee found somebody that was kind of herself.”

Fentress’ parents were too grief-stricken to appear on camera, but released the following statement:

“We need to stop pretending that this isn’t happening or that it is just a cry for attention because obviously it is not… It shouldn’t take more tragedies to realize this.”

Bullying has been big news in Minnesota recently, and Fentress and Moravetz are hardly the first teens to take their own lives in the state. Marshall Middle School, where the girls attended, is denying bullying took place within its halls, saying, “We talked today at school about, just because it’s something someone texted or put on Facebook, it’s not a fact.” Sadly, the assertion that the girls were not victims of bullying does not seem to be the case. Two 14-year-olds are dead. This hardly seems the time for denial.

It’s all just so sad. What a tremendous waste of life. Our condolences go out to the loved ones of both girls.

  • Bloody shame it is. I wish someone could’ve been there for those girls.

  • My heart is crying. It is sad that two wonderful young girls took their life. It is a shame that two girls killed themselves on the eve of a lgbt gathering in Florida where Lgbt people from across America are coming together. My heart goes out to anyone who is struggling in life with themselves and who they are. And the families and society that are too selfish to see that it has nothing to do with them. Humanity is as diverse as the animals that live on this planet. To think that there is one type of way to love is shallow thinking.

  • Anonymous

    As the mother of one these girls friends, I must tell you that this was not a LGBT relationship. The cousin quoted lived in another state. Haylee and Paige were truly lonely and confused teenagers. They had the usual angst that all teenagers deal with and lacked the home support to sort it all out. Your details are incorrect in your posting. Haylee Fentress was expelled for fighting and making death threats against another student. Paige had only been suspended. There was the usual push and pull between all parties involved. Haylee just moved here to our small town a year ago and lived with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Paige has had diffiiculties of her own, having lived with extended family at times and now her mother has a new relationshiip. All in all, a lot for two 14 year old girls to process on their own. Paige’s mother was in Hawaii with her new husband at the time of the suicide. This is a tragic, heart rending event in the lives of the families and our town. Our children are trying to come to terms with it and we are trying to help them. It is hurtful to try and pass blame or to make this into something that it isn’t only to promote a worthy cause. All young people, LGBT or not, deserve to feel accepted and loved… however these young girls did not have a relationship other than best friends.

  • amy

    that is so sad i am so sekend by bullys they only bully others to make them selves fell good. little do they now that its not just fealing that get heart its people. and lives.
    kindda like a person that came to my school 4 his sone ty smalley who shot hemself..

  • amy

    i toatly disagree with you they killed themselves becouse they were bulleyed. now im not saying that ur kid was in any way involved but this sort of thing happens everywere. for an example 11 year old ty smalley killed hemself becouse of a bulley. 1 person out of 4 have a plan how to kill themselves and half of them do it now do u think thats an akasinal push and shuve.

  • Ok, if I may, the quote in the story that this relationship was more than simply “best friends” allegedly came from the family. It was not a quote by the author. If this is incorrect, I would implore the author to change it. However, MNmom1963, do you think that the families would be happy that you plastered this information about them on the web? First of all, it was not part and parcel with the original story. Second, nothing you’ve said has actually contributed to the story, because after all, the point of the article is the raise awareness that, yet again, two teens have decided that they would rather take their own lives, than deal with whatever crap was going on in them. What led the girls to be in that fight in the first place? It isn’t all as “black and white” as you have allowed your post to seem. And how do you know, I mean really KNOW that this wasn’t an LGBT relationship? Is that just your opinion? Did Paige or Haylee confide in you that this wasn’t a relationship further than just friends? What are you basing your comments on? And, I personally live thousands of miles from some of my family members, but they sure know sometimes, more than what my closest-living relatives know, so regardless of living in another state, the cousin who was quoted, who by the way, said nothing derogatory against the pair, could have known more. Nothing he said made me think, either, that the girls were in some secret lesbian love-affair. He was simply saying that they were close, and that one girl was merely an extension of the other, based on the way they expressed affection for each other.
    Lastly, posting the personal lives of the families on a forum such as this, especially as it wasn’t actually part and parcel with the main story is quite abysmal, especially if you DO in fact have more insight into the family-life than the average reader. I doubt very much that they would be appreciative of your efforts in this case. You have attempted to take away from the death of these two girls and instead, turned it into an agenda that neither honors their memories, nor furthers the plight to find out exactly WHY these two girls decided to take their lives.