casey, suspended, criminal charges, high school

Bullied Kid Suspended For Fighting Back

casey, suspended, criminal charges, high school
There's nothing good about any of this.

16-year-old Casey is said to have faced bullying nearly every day since first entering school. High School has been made hell by students making a name for themselves by tormenting and attacking Casey, who never fought back. Until today. Or yesterday. Whatever.

A video was filmed of Casey being attacked by a much smaller student. Size hardly matters here, as the boy walks right up to Casey and punches him in the face before delivering additional blows to Casey’s body. And then it happens. Casey just snaps.

Casey Hulks out and body slams the bully on the ground, and leaves his attacker unable to walk properly. The footage is disturbing to watch, to be honest.

Casey was promptly suspended from his High School, and his attacker (one of many, allegedly) went unpunished, even though he clearly instigated the entire situation, and has been accused of provoking Casey for years. It’s unclear if school administrators had actually seen the footage before making their disciplinary decision, and we understand how an adult might envision Casey the attacker here because of his size. But the video shows that is clearly not the case.

We’re not condoning violence here, and again, the video is tough to stomach. That boy can’t even walk after Casey’s retaliation. But this student, and adults who know him, are claiming that he has faced years of violence and bullying at school. He finally just lost his cool.

Sexuality is irrelevant here for all of the students involved. The fact of the matter is that kids or all types are facing situations just like this each day in our schools. Gay and lesbian students are statistically more inclined to face bullying and harassment, but the problem is hardly limited to them.

Details are fuzzy at this point, but we’ll keep you updated about how to contact the school to voice your dissent about Casey’s suspension and potential criminal charges. In the meantime, you can read what people are saying on a Facebook page set up to clear Casey’s name.

  • its not ever a great sight to see, but things have to happen for the wheel to turn, to put bluntly… 🙁

  • Adam Kuglin

    If the adults in charge won’t respond to bullying (and they rarely do), what’s a kid left to do but fend for himself? Quite frankly, the teachers and administrators are the ones who should suffer suspension here… talk about negligence. In any case, I bet that scrawny little brat will think twice before he goes punching someone who’s twice as big as he is in the face ever again.

  • Obviously the wrong child got punished.

  • Buddy Englett

    I grew up in a very similar environment and the couple of times I fought back brought similar results. Grandpa always said, “Don’t mess with the quiet ones.” It is sad, but our society condones and even encourages young boys to use violence as a right of passage to manhood. These boys are only demonstrating what they’re taught.

  • Holly Noelle

    Im glad he stood up for himself and how dare the faculty suspend him for defense. The little one needs to have punishment as well. Some sense knocked into him is just what he needed. This behavior is unacceptable to walk up and punch someone in the face!! Hopefully they will see what truly happened and have some justice served. Teachers need to be more aware of the students in their school if the adults can not speak for the kids no one else will. School needs to be the safe place everyone preaches it is. Reality of the matter is, its not. Plain and simple.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    The little one did – 15 to 22 days of suspension or something like that.

  • A friend of mine shot this Video to me and I can only say Kudos to the big guy. The little punk deserved it. I went through the same type of thing in school and I never had the chance to stand up for myself.

    I seriously hope that the parents of both children see what really happened and I hope that the parents of Casey come down on the school like a ton of bricks. ITS STUPID that Casey gets punished while the actual attacker is free to do this to others.

  • Anonymous

    sweet jesus, that was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. that scrawney punk will have some deep thoughts about his future prowess! As towards casey i would like to wrap my arms around him and remind him that he has just stepped over the theshhold of becoming the man that i wish could be. My heart is with you son. after a fews days you will walk back into that school but not as a boy.

  • Philip Wilmut

    I’m sorry, this video is NOT tough at all to watch. I was filled with an overhaul of happiness to see that boy in such pain. He’ll never bully again little bastard.

  • Nikki

    That’s the problem with schools. Instead of the suspension of the kid who was bullied. They just made it worse by “Giving permission” to the bullies that it is.not supporting the boy who was bullied.

  • Dear Kevin Farrel: Please stop using terms like hulks out, stop using rap/ hip-hop speak. It is annoying and beneath you. You are too old and too smart for this excessive and distracting slang.

  • Hey Ann,

    First of all, it’s Farrell with two L’s. Secondly, I have no idea what rap/hip-hop speak is, but as a lifetime listener of rap music, and as someone who has lived in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Boston, I’d like to think that our loves, likes and environments help inform everything about us.

    Finally, don’t tell Kevin not to talk about Hulk or you make Kevin angry. You won’t like Kevin when Kevin angry. ROOOOOOWRRR!!! *Turns green and rips shirt off*

    In all seriousness though, I’m so glad you’re a fan of UB, but this is who I am. I love, love, love sharing the day’s gayest treasures and news with you all. Take it or leave it, this is who we are and what we do. I don’t think there’s anything especially excessive or distracting about any of it.

  • Shella

    Personally I think they both should have been suspended. I understand that everyone’s cheering this kid on because he stood up for himself, but if someone doesn’t stand up and help him find better ways to deal with the bullying, he is going to have major problems adjusting to life without using violence to get what he wants. I can’t even give him props for what he’s done, because I fear what this will teach him about handling bullies in the future. He could very well turn into one himself.

  • As a victim of bullying for many years in my young, gay life, I think this is beautiful. Some are saying he went to far, but frankly I don’t think he went far enough. He dropped him and walked away (the smart thing to do really) I was hoping to see him get a few more shot into that’s punk’s face.