short line bus anti-gay, bus driver calls cops on gay couple, gay couple holding hands on bus, gay rosa parks

Bus Driver Calls Police On Gay Couple For Holding Hands, Not Moving To Back of Bus

short line bus anti-gay, bus driver calls cops on gay couple, gay couple holding hands on bus, gay rosa parks
Ari Gold will sit where he damn well pleases, thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Ari Gold, the gay Rosa Parks.

“The driver told us if we wanted to continue sitting together, we had to sit in the back.”

Frustrated, the driver called for a New York state trooper!

“Then he pulled over,” says Gold. “The state trooper came and asked what the problem is, and he said that the way were were sitting was making him uncomfortable and he wanted us off the bus.

“The trooper said nothing was illegal and he needs to continue to drive.”

Gold made an announcement to the other passengers, explaining that they had been pulled over to wait for the state trooper because he was holding hands with a man.

They all seemed deeply pissed at the blatant homophobia.

Gold — the gay Rosa Parks — will be filing charges.

Did the driver of the bus in question never attend fourth grade? This story almost writes itself!

(via Village Voice)

  • Anonymous

    ‎”Holy deja vu, Batman! I could have sworn we defeated this villain fifty years ago!”

    “I’m afraid we’ve met our deadliest enemy yet, Robin: the immortal Ignorant Bigot!”

  • Can we schedule a kiss in on that bus driver’s bus….gays, lesbians, interracial…everyone…wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  • “No, I don’t think so! … I do not do the bus. You obviously have me mistaken for Miss Rosa Parks” – Noxema Jackson – Too Wong Foo 🙂

  • Anonymous

    First, I will admit my ignorance concerning the specifics of New York Sate law. Second, I will refrain from speculating on this person’s continued elligibility for employment as a bus driver.

    Now, honest question: Is it illegal to waste a New York Trooper’s time? If yes, what is the penalty? Fine? Prison time? Maybe it should be some sensitivity training.

  • Kayla Garza

    Huh. This seems vaguely familiar…

  • William Bellanger

     naah…not in the slightest, eh?


  • Ashley Valencia

    A hotter, slightly more bad-ass looking Rosa Parks. Aw the gays… 😀 

    As to the story: O_o *sigh* Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you people? I hope he sues the pants off that driver.

  • Mary Faylinn Equality Todtz


  • Stephanie Timmons

    OHMIGAWD. INORITE? The gays get all the hot people ;~;

    But I agree. I hope he does sue for all he can get.

  • I met Ari a few years ago in Seattle for Pride. He is a harmless, adorable sweetheart.

  • Heck yeah! And double kudos to the passengers and cop!

  • He can definitely sit next to me…

    Anyway, as to the story: my mom always said history repeats itself…

  • Paul R. NIgel Cote

    Well, I’m guessing that the driver had to have used the 911 system to get them to his bus quickly. I should think, at the least, that he’ll be fined for making illegal use of said system.

  • Good Grief….too many real problems in the world to try to create one!!!!:(

  • Jeramy Watson

    sweet jeebus he can hold my hand anywhere he likes