gay blog, born this way sale, amazon cloud

Buy Entire Born This Way Album for $.99 Today Only!

gay blog, born this way sale, amazon cloud
"One night only! One night only!"

Amazon is going full tilt in their battle against Apple and iTunes. No matter which company is the victor, we’re all winners today. In an effort to promote their cloud-based music system, Amazon Cloud Player & Drive, the company is offering up Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album for only $.99 today.

Each purchase comes with a free 20 GB of cloud storage. We’ve been jamming out to the album here in the UB office since midnight on Sunday. Scoop up your own copy and tell us what you think.

Click HERE to purchase Born This Way for less than a buck!

  • It’s absolutely wonderful ^^ I purchased it when the traffic was jammed, though, so it took me over 10 hours to get the entire album. I think some tracks are absolute jewels!

  • Emily Stallings

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jordan Glenn Embry

    Buy it on itunes and give her some profit. She does a lot for the gay community and (if you’re a fan) you should do something in return. Support her. 🙂