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CA Republican Official Sends Racist Email of Obama As Chimp

gay blog, gay news, birthers, marilyn davenport
Planet of the well-dressed apes.

Commander in Chimp jokes aside, what the heck was Marilyn Davenport hoping to achieve by emailing this photo out with the accompanying text, “Now you know why no birth certificate.”?

The gross display of racism – speciesism? Earsism? – whatever the heck this is, is in extremely poor taste. Then again, we did publish that photo of Michele Bachmann as a devilish succubus, so pot and kettle, man.

In any case, Eek.

NYT reports:

The California N.A.A.C.P. is demanding an apology from an Orange County Republican official who sent out an e-mail picturing President Obama’s face on the body of a baby chimpanzee. In a statement Monday, the organization called on Marilyn Davenport to resign from the Orange County Republican Central Committee.

The message shows an image, posed like a family portrait, of chimpanzee parents and child, with Mr. Obama’s face superimposed on the young chimp. The text reads, “Now you know why no birth certificate.” Ms. Davenport could not be reached, but she has sent friends and supporters an e-mail saying she will not resign.

Via New York Times

  • He has ears like those chimps.

    Ok. Some people look like monkeys.
    Some people look like rats.
    Some people look like horses.

    But its racist when you say a black person looks like a chimp?

  • Matt Spastic

    It would be nice if whoever wrote this article would post an amendment so we can write some thoughtful, non-hateful mail to this woman encouraging her to step down.

  • Matt Spastic

    Yes it is. You know it is. Do you really need a reason why? That is an ignorant and racially insensitive argument.

  • Anonymous

    From a point of respect for our commander and chief this picture is disrespectful.
    From a point of race relations its sad. Is bigoted. The Bitkh is that made the painting is mad because Obama wont show his birth certificate. So this picture is a way to make an arse out of her self.

    Its just rude! But she has a right too make dumb things like this, per our US laws……. OH WELL!!!!