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Bianca Del Rio Reads Anti-Gay Candace Cameron Bure to Filth on Instagram

While you were sleeping, the hilarious Bianca Del Rio went open toe to open toe with Candace Cameron Bure on Instagram. We break it down for you.

Bure shared an image of herself on Instagram wearing a “Not Today Satan” shirt, a term we all know was made famous by Del Rio during her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6.

Del Rio picked up on this and re-shared the image to her following, with the caption, “If only, this Republican homophobe knew,” followed by a bunch of devil and heart emojis.


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Bianca Del Rio’s fans — who I feel like need a name — quickly trolled Cameron Bure hard, going in on her and homophobic values. Del Rio’s Devil Den (how’s that?) let her have it, pointing out that “the irony is thick” and Bure needs to “look up where that quote comes from.”

Bure responded to Del Rio, commenting that just because she loves Jesus doesn’t mean she hates gay people. “Why do you have to be nasty to me? You don’t know me or my heart,” she wrote. “I’m not homophobic and always sad when people think otherwise. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I hate gay people or anyone. You sent a bunch of hateful people to my page writing horrible things. I hope next time you’ll spread love and kindness, even when you disagree with people. Sending you love and wish you all the best.”

HER RESPONSE…… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @candacecbure #liveyourlife #lovejesus #republicanpride 😈

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First of all, Del Rio did not send her Devil’s Den to wreak havoc on her wall, they did that on their own. While Bure says she is a not anti-gay, her history proves otherwise.

Bianca Del Rio called Candace Cameron Bure a homophobe. Is she?

Back in 2012, Bure made it clear where she stands on the Chick-Fil-A anti-gay marriage issue when she posted a not-so-subtle photo to get her message across. She posted a photo to her Twitter account showing herself and her son proudly holding up Chick-Fil-A items with the caption, “We love chikin!”

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Bure’s anti-LGBT views were exposed on The View during an infamous debate over whether a bakery in Oregon had the right to refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. Whoopi Goldberg revealed that the owners of the bakery were asked to pay the couple $135,000.

Raven Symoné argued the bakery had discriminated against the couple. “The Oregon law bars businesses from discriminating against sexual orientation, race, disability, age, or religion,” she said. “To me, it’s the same exact thing that they did back in the day saying that black people couldn’t do certain things because it’s my ‘religious belief.'”

Playing the “freedom of association” card, Bure defended the baker’s actions. “[The bakery had] baked cakes for [the couple] previously,” she said. “They had a problem with the actual ceremony because that—the ceremony—is what conflicted with their religious beliefs. They are saying that they stand for marriage between a man and a woman.”

Candace Cameron Bure also dodged some debates that would show her true colors. As Season 19 of The View began in September 2015, Page Six noticed she was absent from a key panel discussion about Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to administer marriage licenses to gay couples in her county. She awkwardly joined the panel later in the show, leading some to wonder if she was avoiding the conversation or if ABC was trying to prevent her from expressing her opinions about same-sex marriage on air.

But not all controversial conversations were dodged. In 2016, when debating the spirituality of Hillary Clinton, Bure went to toe to toe with Michael Moore.

She said, “With some of [Hillary Clinton’s] positions, I don’t believe she lives it. For those people that really look to the Bible, understanding her positions is very difficult.” Bure was hinting at Clinton’s position on social issues such as abortion and gay rights.

Moore replied, “What I would say to the people who are against abortion is, if you are against it, don’t have one. If you are against gay marriage, don’t get gay married. You won’t like it. It’s not for you. But live and let live. You live your faith the way you believe you should live it.”

We think that Candace Cameron Bure’s history on gay issues speaks for itself. But one question we have is: who is making that shirt with Bianca Del Rio’s signature catch phrase? And does Bure even realize it’s Del Rio’s motto?

A clothing company Peace Love World is tagged in the Instagram post but we can’t find the shirt on their website. When you Google the phrase, quite a lot of merchandise comes up on Etsy with the infamous term. Many of the items are being hocked by religious companies with no likeness or association to Del Rio being made at all.

One more gay thing stolen by the mainstream. First Drag Race, now this. Let’s just hope Del Rio has copyrighted her words so we can get them off the bodies of anti-gay fanatics like Candace Cameron Bure.

  • Charles

    Btw, I prefer Shake Shack over Chick-Fil-A burger. Not impressed with Chick-Fil-A stuff.

  • Hla187

    Talk about a fuckin Witch Hunt…Just Let the religious live their lives.

  • Nick Savenco

    Get real.

  • Preston Burford

    The irony of this comment… when religious groups have interfered with my life EVERY SINGLE DAY for my entire life. This is not letting her ~live her life~ but telling me I can’t get married for 10 years is somehow not worse in your book.


  • Bonnie Anderson

    I stand with candace

  • Ken Bleakley

    Whoever wrote this article is a disease to equality and love. Candace is NOT her brother.. Bianca attacked someone who did no harm.. sounds like the antithesis of what we fight for with equality for all.
    Stop the hate, Bianca (and this writer). The worst parts of the gay community are displayed in their actions.
    “One more gay thing stolen by the mainstream.” Are you fighting for equality or separate but equal?? ?

  • tchowski

    I stand up to the Radicalized Christofascist Bigots and their Activist Discrimination. Just because eyou “love” a fictional character doesn’t make you a good person.

  • rick

    Being required to serve those we dislike is a painful price to pay for the privilege of running a business; but the pain that exclusion inflicts on its victims, and on society, are far worse than the discomfort the faithful may suffer at having to open their businesses to all.

    As far as Candice Burre is concerned, while she may “love” gay people, she simply wants them to conform to her rigid religious-based thinking of how gays should live and that means no marriages or wedding cakes.

    It’s just like a conservative like Candice Burre to insinuate that prohibitions on discrimination is itself a form of discrimination.

  • Emellbee

    just what are you standing with her for?

  • Emellbee

    She didn’t attack anyone. She pointed out the irony of a vocally anti gay person was wearing a shirt with a phrase coined by a gay person on it. Her phrase.

  • Ken Bleakley

    Vocally anti-gay person? I’ve yet to hear anything from her that truly depicts that.
    What I see is: someone has an alternate view that is her own, that doesn’t harm anyone, as she does like LGBT people, but isn’t an avid loud mouth supporter get attacked for something that could’ve been; Candace wears a phrase coined by a drag queen, does she support? Her answer would be yes, and everyone can enjoy some connection with different people. But that would destroy the narrative.

  • Bonnie Anderson


  • Na_na99

    Except when they decide to fire me, refuse to allow me to get medical care, and evict me for MY non-religious beliefs (yes, all of this is legal in MS and christians are working on having that done in other states). So, by letting you live your life, do you mean shut up and just don’t work, don’t live inside, and don’t see a doctor? Because now you’re not letting me live MY life.

  • Na_na99

    That’s not reading to filth. Trust me, if Bianca actually read to filth, Candice would have FELT that statement as hard as a slap. Bianca was being NICE here. LOL Makes me wonder if this writer has followed any of Bianca’s comedy. LOL

    Heck, not only was it NICE, it didn’t have even one word to censor. LOL

  • Na_na99

    Fried and with mayo? Bread that’s yellow from the amount of butter slathered on it? That’s a very southern thing!

  • Na_na99

    Sounds like you prefer your foods non heart attack inducing!

  • shade421

    Good for you… Hahahaha

  • Na_na99

    The IRONY here, people, is that people who advocate following gays into the bathroom, firing and evicting them for being gay, fighting to deny
    the rights of adults to marry if they want to….. think it’s bullying and hateful to SAY homophobic and republican to someone. When gays start making laws to have you refused to be seen in a hospital (ACTUAL LAW IN MS), then get back to us about hate and bullying.

  • matrem

    You stand with homophobia? Noted.

  • matrem

    So people can’t be called out for homophobia now? Thanks for the hot take

  • matrem

    Bashing gays, probably.

  • Ken Bleakley

    What homophobia has she displayed?

  • Cassie Molly

    That term wasn’t coined by Bianca. It’s been a popular saying in the church for decades. She just made it popular for this generation.

  • matrem

    Candice came our in favor of secular public businessees refusing services to gay people.

  • Ken Bleakley

    She’s not in favor of businesses refusing services to gay people. She’s in favor of businesses refusing to service gay weddings, which is different. It’s not about being gay, it’s about a ceremony (that’s definitely NOT limited to just Christians) that may infringe on their personal religious belief, which is that marriage is a man/woman thing. She’s not actively attacking gays, holding signs, killing people.. She just believes in something and wishes for mutual respect in that situation.

  • Allen

    Ken, she believes that gay people should burn for being gay . Just because it is religion doesn’t make it outside the bounds of hate. Every Christian and Muslims other religious people who side with their supreme entity and believe it is correct that gay people or others should burn is their right but they can’t then they claim they dont hate those people. For example if i told u i loved you but then said if u dont believe as i do you should be shot and i stand by the person that will shoot u, would u look at me as person who loved you? Probably not

  • I think we should be called “Del Rioians” ?

  • Regina Harden

    I love Bianca but agree. Hear it all the time in black churches in some form or another. “Not today Satan” “Not today Devil” “the devil is a liar” I think when Bianca said it she brought it mainstream.

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    Just like Candice shows “love & respect” we need to show that back. If Bianca was really upset about it, I’m sure she would of @ Candice in her post, but she didn’t. We know her for her big mouth, and being unfiltered. We don’t have to like everyone and/or support someones’ views. The best way to stick it to someone is to dismiss that person and/or just be kind to them. Is there irony YES!!!!! She may have her views about the gay community and not be supportive and that’s ok, we don’t lose or gain anything from her. She’s a celebrity so the people who are around her like her “gay friends” should be the ones to try and open her mind to who we (gay people) are. Then again should we impose on what she should or shouldn’t believe, like or dislike, support or not support? We should respect one another and agree to disagree, as long as she’s not harming anyone then move on. Religion has no place when it comes to politics, work, schools, or place of business. Whatever you do at home that is your business, and are free to believe and live your life as you please. The fanatics need to stop attacking other celebs, and starting senseless drama, grow up people I think Bianca can fight her own battles.

  • Troy Lynch

    Bullshit. I heard black ministers using g that phrase back into the 70s. Another example of gay culture appropriating black culture.

  • Roy Daniel English

    As a gay Pagan male from south Georgia where there are churches on basically every corner of the towns. STFU! Funny you talk about witch hunts when witch hunting was exactly what the churches did to innocent men, women, and yes children. You have some nerve.

  • Roy Daniel English

    You sound like some self-loathing gay man or a straight up bigot.

  • Ken Bleakley

    Please don’t change the subject, we’re talking about this article, thanks!

  • The Illuminati

    Of course you do cupcake, hate always follows hate.

  • M.D.R.

    I don’t take issue with what Bianca said I take issue with those who felt the need to jump on the bad wagon and troll her Instagram and talk shit. Bianca had an obvious reason to thanks to the shirt. Even if the phrase has been around, it is only popular today because of Bianca. Everyone else that don’t follow her who saw Bianca’s post and felt the need to pile it on her are just what many of them were tormented by in school bullies. If that interview with Michael more has been the other day or even if she said something disparaging in recently or in the caption for the picture. Otherwise the people who from the safety of their homes/apartments/cars didn’t do anything but give people more ammunition. Take some to task when it happens. Not as an excuse months or years later to hide the fact you’re hanging onto Bianca’s …I would’ve said coat tales but I’ll go with her dress’s train. I get anger especially in current political climate but come on do be a bully. She’s entitled to her own opinions and beliefs just as we have the freedom argue them and point out the hypocrisy and condradictions when she brings them up. If she hasn’t brought it up first it just looks to the people on the outside like people are targeting her for her Christian beliefs and not the fact she thinks those beliefs warrant an entire community being denied equality which is the real issue.

  • Allen

    Why should someone respect a person who believes that people should burn or be punished with violence for something that doesn’t hurt anyone?

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    The mistake that a lot of people make is to take that book literally, Christian’s and non Christian’s alike do that a lot. I doubt that Candice is a fanatic of her religion in that sense. I have a Christian mother and although she doesn’t agree with me being gay, she still loves me and supports me either, but we have come to agree to disagree when it comes to religion. So I see where Candice is coming from and she shouldn’t be hated for her beliefs. If it was a big issue she would of left Hollywood and became just like her brother.

  • Allen

    “I doubt that Candice is a fanatic of her religion in that sense.” Apparently you have never listened to anything she has said. Also what you are saying makes no sense.. Christians dislike or disagree with gays based on the Bible. What does the Bible say? That gays are sick perverts with sick minds who should be burned in eternity if they dont stop. So that is what Christians are agreeing with. As a gay person who doesn’t have low self esteem i dont mingle with people who think i should be harmed with violence in some sense because i dont share there religious belief.

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    If there are other videos that you think I need to watch that shows her bashing the lgbtq community please post them. All I’ve heard is her opinion that she doesn’t agree with the “life style”, that doesn’t mean she hates us. She’s also gone on the record to say that she has gay friends and her glam squad are also gay. What you think you’re quoting from the Bible is completely wrong. It does not say we’re perverts or sick minded. Maybe you should pick it up and read it in its content. Christians and nonChristian need to remember these were rules for that time period, and shouldn’t be taken in a literal sense. There are a lot of new Christian churches that have a total different view on those verses about being gay. The only thing we can do about those who have hate towards us is, keep fighting for our rights, and show them we aren’t much different. I’m not going to hate or dislike someone who doesn’t agree with my views. You sell yourself short if you don’t have an open mind in learning the history of ( religion and gay history) both worlds.

  • Allen

    you are all over the place…. First you say that the Bible doesn’t say gays are sick perverts with sick minds ( it actually does say that) but then u say “well not all Christians believe that and times were different back then .. Which only confirms that you know it said those things… Again when people disagree with gays they are doing so from the Bible and the Bible says that gays are sick perverts with sick minds who should burn . That is the bases in which Christians disagree with gays. That’s what Christians are saying. You can deny it if you want that’s fine but im not that naive. i also have no interest to “befriend” someone who not only thinks im a sick pervert with a sick mind as well as one that thinks I should burn for it when I dont have any feeling like that towards them or anyone else. I have actual self respect. People are free to believe whatever they want but that doesn’t mean i have befriend them and respect their passive aggressive hate because it is religious view. Sorry that dog aint hunting . it is no longer a disagreement when a Christian thinks,believes and support the others being put threw some form of violence or support a supreme leader carrying out that violence because they dont believe or act like the Christians.. Its no longer a disagreement when violence is brought into the picture.

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    I’m not all over the place, the type of christians you’re talking about are extremist and fanatics. No one is being naive, you’re trying to box a group of people who you believe hate all gays and want us to burn. It’s like saying all Muslims are terrorist, all black are criminals, and all Latinos are immigrants. It seems that you’ve had your bad experience with christians and I wouldn’t blame you for feeling like you do, but you’re no better then they are if you yourself are showing hate towards a group of people that believe in a book that was written by man. No one is forced to be friends with anyone you don’t feel comfortable with or who you feel is being fake. That’s your choice to make. I’m not sure what bible you’ve read but I’ve yet to read anything that calls us perverts and sick minded. If you look into documentaries like the history Chanel or discovery it may open your mind, and you would have a better understanding why the Bible was written as it was in its time. Many will argue and believe in what that book says, but we can’t box everyone label one group something when it’s not true.

  • Troy Lynch

    I won’t hush. Tempest in a teapot. Bianca Del Rio has done many noteworthy things, but she did not coin that phrase.

  • Allen

    This is really pretty simple. Christians and Muslims say they are
    against gay people because what is written in the Bible or Koran. Go
    read what it says in Koran and Bible. This is not hard to understand.
    You are basically telling me that their are Christians who believe that
    being gay is wrong based on the Bible which say that gays are sick
    perverts and sick minded ,but then telling me that the same Christians
    don’t believe those things .Instead they just believe being gay is wrong
    because of the Bible? Do u see how that doesn’t make any sense? Again
    why does it matter what they believed at the time? The people in present
    hate and disagree with gays based off what the people in the past
    believed at the time. Not sure why you keep bring that up . Are you
    saying that people now dont hate gay people as much as they did then? So
    you are saying you are fine with people who hate gay people less but
    still hate them? Look im not that desperate for someone to like me.
    That’s like saying it is ok to be friends with racist of today because
    at least they aren’t killing and enslaving black people like they did in
    the past! my standard is a little higher. i dont befriend homophobic
    people of any degree just because they aren’t as homophobic as the
    people of the past. Sorry not my style. i dont have to concede my life
    and worth to anyone. Religious people hold true to their beliefs that
    gays are wrong and shouldn’t have rights im holding true to the fact
    they are not nice and it is not something that making up like they do
    with their faith. They show their side everyday thru their actions and
    beliefs. As i said religious people believe that all unlike them should
    burn or some kind of punishment should happen to others because they
    don’t practice the same religious beliefs. They also support they thing
    that will do it. This in itself makes them hateful. If i told someone
    that I loved them but also told them they should be killed if
    they dont support my views and that i support the person who will
    carry it out people would see me as terrible person yet religious people
    do this all the time and they are seen as loving? No thank u

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    There are a lot of new found Christian churches, that take those verses with a different approach, without hate, judgement, or thoughts to be put to death or burn in hell. They understand the historic point of it, but also realize they’ve been looking at it all wrong. To much to go into details, but the point is they understand it’s a way for Mother Nature to control the human population. So yes not all christians hate or want us dead. Coming from a Christian household I questioned everything, I didn’t understand why God would hate us when he made us in his image. After seeking my own answers and interputation of religion and history, I can only see them as closed minded people who lack knowledge of the truth. Im not going to push someone away for being different. Yeah common sense no one wants to be friends with a person who hates or who likes to harm people. The right thing to do is to stay away, but to limit yourself or push away people, doesn’t make the issue any better. You agree to disagree, if everyone thought the same way about gays we wouldn’t have the rights we do now. At the end of the day, what or how they feel about you for being gay shouldn’t matter because deep down inside you know what’s the truth. Before all that be open minded and stop the hate in return.

  • Allen

    ” At the end of the day, what or how they feel about you for being gay
    shouldn’t matter because deep down inside you know what’s the truth.”………. True !! I also remember the past and haven’t forgotten how quick people judge and hate off this religion. That is the foundation of most religions which is hate all who are different. Again I dont have to or will befriend Christians, Muslims and I’m not going to. You say that gays have rights now and to a degree that is true but we aren’t all the way there . Answer me this tho.. Why do we have to fight for rights in the first place?What happens to all of the gay people lives that Christianity and Christians have destroyed? Christians can come back later and say “we’re sorry for all the pain and hatred we caused” but what good does that do? The damage is already been done. They can’t bring gays back from the dead or give gay people youth.Christians lose nothing . Their lives aren’t destroyed or impacted. And to add insult to injury Christians are now claiming that they have always loved gays and claim there are so many churches that love gays and always have.. I’m sorry but I’m not open minded this…btw why am i the one asked to be open minded? I dont recall being the one who believes that killing Christians was a good thing or burning Christians was a great thing. I’m also not the one that believes that Christians are sick perverts who should burn in hell. Christians are the one that believe those thing about me and others. I dont even believe in hell or sending people there… Stop with the open mind crap please…

  • disqus_gO8SDQ4Nia

    To fight hate with hate gets you nowhere. You’ve made your point about what most christians think or believe the Bible says is true. The question is what are you doing to help change those aggressive thoughts. To turn your back on man because they don’t feel the same way, is what you blame christians and musliums of doing. It’s about teaching/educating and opening people’s mind that 1 book doesn’t have all the answers. We can’t change everyone’s mind, but the fact that there are churches realizing that they’ve been looking at it wrong and too literal says a lot. Man has created these ridiculous rules of what we can and can not do, for power and control and sadly use religion amen fear as an excuse to do so. So we fight for rights so we have control of our own lives. Just like people of color fight for equality. No one can change the past, but we can make a better future. Religion is always changing according to its presence in time. The Bible is a great example of that, the old testament was to extreme, so the New Testament came along to subside its rules. Now we have newwave christians that take its meaning differently without hate or damnation. Meaning they don’t believe gay is a sin nor that god hates gays, and that people shouldn’t take the Bible to literal. Change doesn’t happen over night, but we can do our part to enlighten our religious man, that besides scriptures there is also history to understand to have a clear mind why it was written as it was. You don’t have to believe in any religion to have an open mind in understanding history and facts. How religion played a big key when it came to power and control over the land and people. Why fight when you can teach love, imbrace even when hate is thrown at you. If you feel that Christianity needs to change then maybe you need to enlighten yourself with knowledge and facts to know how to argue these scriptures. The only argument they will have is that it’s in the book and it’s what god said. History, facts, and science can win meaningless answers. How do you win an agrument when you have no knowledge of history or facts. You sell yourself short when you let your own hate cloud you. You box yourself just like you box the religious people. Knowledge is key and knowledge is power. Times change, people change… if that wasn’t true, blacks would still be slaves, jews would be dead and all gays would be treated as such. I’m a person who is gay that believes in a God but doesn’t take this book as truth to everything it says. I look at it as a historic book written for its time. We live in a different time and can’t apply those teachings to now. It’s impossible to follow or believe everything that’s been written knowing it was written by men who interpreted what they thought God meant. To top it off it was rewritten by so many for their own benefits. Like the King James Version of the Bible he rewrote the Bible to his likings and benefits.