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Capitol Hillbillies Offer Sage Wisdom On Dating; STD’s

We’re totally tooting our own horn here, but Unicorn Booty is the most followed gay blog in the world (Hurrah! A parade! A trophy! Etc.), which I suppose makes Capitol Hillbillies the most featured gay comic on the most followed gay blog? We’ll call it the MFGCotMFGBitW for short, K? In any case, we love us some Capitol Hillbillies!

capitol hillbillies, gay datingcapitol hillbillies, facebook, relationship requestcapitol hillbillies, std, sti, sexually transmitted, gay

Capitol Hillbillies follows a couple of gay guys up in Seattle and their sexual, political, and romantic mis-adventures. Because sodomy is funny.

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    Haha nice

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