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Captain America: It Gets Better?

Captain America, suicide, marvel comicsMarvel Comics’ patriotic hero Captain America is gracing our gay blog for leading the fight against suicide today. The hero stars in Captain America: A Little Help, an all new story available for free on the Marvel Comics App. The story will also be featured in print as a co-feature in I Am An Avenger #5. Both versions are available today.

The comic follows a year of highly publicized suicides by gay teens in America, and while the issue doesn’t directly address the LGBT community, the timing is obviously thoughtful and considered.

The story, which deals with a young man on the brink of suicide, features contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. To contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, please call 1-800-273-TALK or visit

What do you think of Captain America’s heroic effort?

  • I feel it’s a cop-out because while it is true that suicide impacts all kinds of teenagers, the recent wave is of Gay teen agers. And Gay teen agers aren’t just harassed by peers, there’s the Pope suggesting the greatest evil in the world is gay marriage, a President that is anti-gay marriage and those negative attitudes may be represented by a Gay kid’s teachers and family.

    The timing is good, but also bad. Why can’t Captain America tell a Gay kid that it will be alright? Is the gay kid unwholesome? Would Captain America never help a GAY kid? The timing asks those questions too.

  • Brian Martin

    I understand the sentiments from the other poster, but lets not forget somethings. At least two of those suicides were of children who were only perceived to be gay; we will never know. If they were not, it is doubtful had they the resources, that they would be searching LGBT sites for help. As for resources, for many reasons such as parental controls, no access to internet at home and fear of discovery at public access, ie: libraries, schools, etc. do not have the ability to find help, especially in small or rural communities. Growing up and mentoring such individuals in these communities, I know of what I speak. I also know the entire time I was being bullied and beaten it never had a thing to do with my perceived sexuality as even today unless I announce it most have no clue. Lastly as a community that is fighting for inclusiveness and acceptance of all we should be the first to reach out to all who are struggling regardless of the orientation. “be the person you want the world to be”. (paraphrased)