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While the LGBTQ community has made great strides in certain pockets of the world, gay news coverage is still more important than ever, and Hornet is here to provide just that.

Less than half of countries around the world recognize same-sex marriage. Gay sex can still get you jailed or killed in many parts of the world. Trans rights are only just beginning to get the recognition they deserve and still face much resistance. Bisexual erasure exists outside and within our own community. Even TV shows have a problem with killing off gay characters.

But beyond all the terrible things taking place in the realm of gay news, Hornet also brings you optimistic, boundary-breaking news featuring LGBTQ people seeking to make the world a better place.
Want to take a peek at the Pride celebrations of all the world's major cities? Looking for recently released, LGBTQ-inclusive ads? Want to know which country is about to legalize same-sex marriage? Look no further.

Here are just a few of the gay news topics we discuss at Hornet : Business Politics World

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Editors' Picks
Another Young LGBTQ Person Has Been Kidnapped and Forced to Return to Chechnya

A shelter in Makhachkala, Russia, for domestic survivors was raided on the evening of June 10 and resulted in the kidnapping of a young LGBTQ woman. Khalimat Taramova, originally from the Chechen Republic capital of Grozny, had fled Chechnya to this safe house in fear for her life. A victim of[…]

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Chechnya’s Horrific ‘Gay Purge’: A 4-Year Timeline of Abduction, Torture and Murder

April 1, 2021, marks four years since the world at large was first made aware of Chechnya’s gay purge — atrocities committed against LGBTQ people within the Russian republic’s borders, a horrific, ongoing stratagem of abduction, detainment, torture and murder. Gradually rebuked by Western governments over the years as first-hand[…]

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Editors' Picks
San Francisco Pride Returns With Two Epic Movie Nights in the Ballpark

After a pandemic-triggered hiatus in 2020, San Francisco Pride returned this weekend, though without its signature parade that draws up to a million participants. Instead, SF Pride partnered up with Frameline, the world’s largest and longest running LGBTQ+ film festival, and hosted two epic movie nights out in the open[…]

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Editors' Picks
Russian Pop Star Sparks ‘Gay Propaganda’ Investigation After Music Awards

Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov and rapper Dava recently stirred up a bit of controversy at the Muz-TV music awards on June 4. Not only did they arrive to the show wearing tailcoats and riding in a flower-adorned convertible — which some viewers agreed looked like a wedding ceremony —[…]

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