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The world of sports hasn't always been so supportive of the LGBTQ community, but things are changing, and that's exactly why it's more important than ever for Hornet to cover all the latest breakthroughs in gay sports news. Every culture seems to love watching people compete. Today sports events draw massive crowds and millions of viewers on TV as we watch athletes compete to be the best. Though the LGBTQ community has long been on the outside of the professional sporting world for generations — and being "out" was simply out of the question for most pro athletes — the world now has more openly gay sports stars than ever. Take a look at all the ways the world of sports and the LGBTQ community are coming together. Everyone in the LGBTQ community can find something to appreciate about the nature of competition. Take a stroll through our favorite gay moments from all things gay sports.
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The Gay Games XII 2026 Presumptive Host City Has Been Announced

In February of this year, the Federation of Gay Games General Assembly announced that three cities had been shortlisted to host the 2026 Gay Games XII. This week, they announced that of those three cities, Valencia, Spain has won the bid as presumptive host city! We are happy to announce[…]

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It’s a Sweet Story How This Closeted High School Swimmer Ended Up With the Football Captain

A high school swimmer named Hunter Sigmund was closeted and scared until he came out to Jake Bain, the openly gay football captain — then they began dating

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Hong Kong’s Gay Games Have Been Postponed to 2023 Due to Covid

Back in October 2017 the Federation of Gay Games announced that Hong Kong would be the host city for the November 2022 Gay Games, having beaten out Washington, D.C., and Guadalajara, Mexico, for the right to host the Games’ 11th installment. It was a historic announcement, marking the first time[…]

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Baseball’s First Out Player, Glenn Burke, Created the High-Five, Briefly a Symbol of Gay Pride

The high-five was invented by Glenn Burke at a Dodgers game in 1977, but what many people don’t know is that Burke was also the first openly gay player

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