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We are so proud to show you what we’ve been cooking up these past few months on our gay blog. Thanks to all for making 2010 an incredible debut for us. We’ve learned so much about what you are interested in and how best to serve our ever-growing community. At over 36,000 fans strong, you’ve made us one of the top gay companies in the entire world in only 9 months.

The new UB will still feature amazing giveaways and shine the spotlight on companies supporting the LGBT community. We’ve just cranked it up a few notches. The new UB is social! Comment on our posts. Submit content and tips at the top of the page. Get involved! We can’t do it without you.

We’re still ironing out some kinks here and there as we find them, so bear with us in the coming weeks. Make the new UB a part of your morning routine. Check in with us everyday for news, gay businesses, and all the OMGWTFLOL content that’s fit to print.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Gay is good, y’all!

Kevin & Nick

  • The new logo is ..awful! Let me count the ways (I’m SERIOUS)
    1. the ‘horn’ is pointed backwards instead of forwards, the symbolism is awful.
    2. the ‘horn’ is the only relatedness the new logo has to a unicorn, and it’s a triangle that looks like a vector art mistake more than a unicorn horn because…
    3. the rainbow flag shape HAS NO RELATEDNESS TO A UNICORN!
    4. the RAINBOW IS WRONG! really, the magenta, lavender and blue may seem fabulous, but in color theory they are too harmonious to function even as an alternate reality rainbow flag.

    The old logo is far better – the rainbow is a legitimate rainbow albeit in pastel shades and the unicorn is a literal unicorn.

    The ‘new’ logo could be improved if the rainbow simply followed a elongated curve vaguely suggesting the unicorn’s profile, with the horn pointing FORWARD!

  • Booty The Unicorn

    Naaaay! Winny! Other horse noises! 😀

    Sorry you’re not a fan, pal. The pink unicorn will be sticking around the site, t-shirts, stickers, and all sorts of other UB goodies too. We’re crazy about the sleek new design though, and think it really speaks volumes more about what our company is all about than the beloved original Booty the Unicorn. There’s room in our stable for both.

    Thanks for checking out the new site!

  • Huge fan of the new design…and new site! The modern approach to the design is refreshing. Awesome to see growth and the addition of the blog. Now we get Unicorn Booty goodness each and everyday!

  • Thanks, Ash! We had a feeling you would like it!

  • Nick Jones

    Sexy sexy! It looks streamlined, modern, fun, professional. It’s hawt.

  • To be honest I don’t understand anything about a horn facing a particularly wrong direction, I just know that this site looks like it’s pointing in the awesome direction! You boys always are making it better even the logo, good work! It’s like Booty went profesional suave on us. It looks good on you booty.

    Keep up the awesomeness and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!

  • Thanks Nick!

  • Great minds think alike, George!

  • Christina

    Change is good! The new site and the new logo do much better to express the true personality of Unicorn Booty. I love where the site is headed. Good work, Booty!