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Cher (Still) Hates the Bachmanns; (Still) Having Trouble With Twitter & Spelling

cher and michele bachmann
id=”attachment_9041″ Cher and Michele Bachmann: Not BFF’s.

Yes, yes, Cher is a legend and the best and ageless and a fierce advocate for gay rights and she totally got snubbed by the Oscars last year and blah blah blah. Nobody is negating that.

However, all the Grammys in the world do not a good speller make.

Real talk, her Twitter rage against Michele and Marcus Bachmann gives us the chuckles. And not just because Cher has tweeted gems like “M. Bachmann should b strung up by her testis.” But also because she spelled testes with an “i”. Homegirl’s atrocious spelling is half the laugh!

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Oh, and then she told…ahem…Pimp Bill Clinton…to go fuck off.

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We could watch Cher tweet all day!

  • You know Cher has dyslexia, right!?

  • have you SEEN her nails?  u try texting with those monsters.   lol.

  • Not sure if dyslexia is “worth a laugh”…

  • Not cool, she has a documented disability…

  • Anonymous

    Not cool to dis a disability. Especially since it’s obvious to me she was so pissed she hit a few wrong and extra keys. 
    Does it really feel good to make fun of someone’s disability?  
    Especially one that is so well publicized over the last few decades.
    People really need to stop and pull their heads out of their asses. 
    So, Kevin, what’s YOUR disability. Maybe we can rake you over for it.
    Seriously people gotta stop.

  • Ron Viramontes

    I have multiple spelling errors in my texts and tweets…not because Im a bad speller, but because my iPhone’s letter placement relative to my fat fingers, coupled with my haste to get the message out and sent, results in spelling errors like TESTIS and EDEGE…

    I would think you were observant enough to realize this of many people who use miniature QWERTY keyboards.

  • I’m sure he wouldn’t have bothered with this article had he known that Cher has dyslexia. I know I wouldn’t think to check it out if someone had a bunch of grammatical errors. Have you seen some of the stuff people Tweet? Most people who aren’t dyslexic can’t type as well as Cher has.

  • Eric Smith

    Cher….youre a celebrity. Your words would have carried more weight BEFORE this went down. SHAME on you for blasting everything and everyone, because you didnt do ANYTHING to change it when you had the chance.
    One more thing…if I could turn back time Id take back all your CDs, and youd be just a sad relic of the 70’s and 80’s, and fading away in 90’s. Oh wait…you are. 

  • Anonymous

    As someone who has dyslexia AND fingers too big for my iPhone, I’ve forgone tweeting altogether. (ONE of the reasons anyway.) My facebook posts are already a nightmare unless I sit down and really concentrate. The one saving grace is that I can now blame the auto correct if I don’t have the time to proofread. For those of you who don’t have first hand experience with dyslexia, at least mine, what I’m spelling as I spell it seems totally correct and makes perfect sense. If I go back and reread what I’ve written I have to laugh at myself, but in the moment it all makes perfect sense. She’s accomplished enough in her life, cut her some slack. 

  • I was following Cher during this rant. I was so enthralled with her raw expression and verve that it never occurred to me to be holier-than-thou.  Good job at trying to tear down an honest Icon.